(Clearwisdom.net) Lin Xiaokai's parents held a press conference to seek the immediate release of Lin Xiaokai. Lin Chongmo, Legislative Member of Democratic Progressive Party came to give his support. He thought that Mr. Lin Xiaokai's detention could only aggravate the antipathy of Taiwan's people and hinder the reunification of China. People from all walks of life in Taiwan began to offer their support. National Taiwan University and Shixin University have begun human rights signature collection campaign. The Taiwan Falun Dafa Association also announced that they would begin a signature collection campaign across Taiwan. Lin Xiaokai was detained by China' national security bureau during his travel in China because he is a Falun Gong practitioner. News came Tuesday of his release and return to China.

Lin Xiaokai's parents and his newlywed wife (the third from the right) held a press conference to call upon China to allow their whole family to reunite as soon as possible. Lin's mother sheds tears during the interview.
Lin Xiaokai and his wife Human rights signature collection campaign to rescue Lin Xiaokai will be launched tomorrow