While participating in forums or chat rooms, I have encountered people that were abusive right from the start and others who had some knowledge of Buddhism. From my personal observations, such behaviors were often due to mixed-up concepts about theism and atheism that had caused people to have confused and unclear trains of thoughts.

My understanding was that it was best not to respond to or to look for loopholes in what was said; but to first listen and observe so I could join them no matter whether they were willing to chat or were being abusive. This way, I may find a way to greet them sincerely, or say some jovial things with good intentions, or to express sincere appreciation from a different angle and so on. From there, it becomes possible to gradually steer the topic of conversation and influence their trains of thought.

To lead is not to dictate the topic of the conversation or to coerce the opposite party into agreeing with me; but as a Dafa practitioner to keenly and compassionately value the individual and show understanding towards their ignorance of the truth, and thus gradually empower their inherent natures and intellects. In the process, we, as Dafa practitioners, must consider whether our every thought is verifying the Fa and ensuring that saving sentient beings is of utmost importance, as our words and actions are being verified. In the process, the other parties will be positively affected when they experience the compassion and tranquility of a practitioner. This is far more effective than any arguments could be.

We must cultivate seriously and observe our attachments instead of blindly criticizing, correcting, and hoping that our conversation will make the opposite party agree with us. Taking it a step further, if we think that the opposite party cannot be saved or salvaged, and we downplay our efforts, feel distressed, scathingly attack, or cease to make a statement, it will only intensify the conflict, and we have the most to lose.

As we are Teacher's Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period, we have the ability to eliminate evil beings. We even have compassion that can melt steel and iron. If we assume correct positions within Dafa, and conform to the different levels in our words and actions that Dafa requires of us, then Dafa will bestow capabilities on us. The people we clarify the truth to are also lives cherished by Teacher. Their future and positions will also be decided by the principles of Dafa.

Dafa practitioners can only utilize words and actions that conform to Dafa to eliminate the evil behind others and to inspire their righteous thoughts. To be able to make ordinary people agree with the Fa will not occur just by using our human knowledge and understanding. This will only happen when the evil stops controlling people and when they yearn for the Fa. At this juncture, if we have the slightest inclination to argue, assess relative superiority and inferiority, occupy a commanding position, or criticize and rebuke, we will force others away from our intention of sincerely letting them know the facts, which would bring a great loss to them and ourselves.

My understanding is to be moderate and know our positions in the Fa and only then can we begin to respect and accept the various types of ordinary people with their numerous ideologies as we meet and convey the facts to them. Only then can there be an atmosphere of harmony and compassion that brings good results. These are the solid foundations of learning the Fa, as well as strictly conforming to the standards of Teacher and the Fa by continuously correcting ourselves in our every word and deed. Only then can we gradually do better.

These are my personal understandings. Fellow practitioners please point out any errors.