This object is a cable spindle. To force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their practice, Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp uses cable spindles as instruments of torture and calls it "sitting on a little stool."

This cable spindle's diameter is 20 centimeters, and it is 30 centimeters high. The top has many small grooves. Policeman Liu Hongguang at Jiamusi Labor Camp purchased 80 of them at one time. He has the guards monitor the steadfast Dafa practitioners. If practitioners refuse to sit on it, they will be brutally beaten.

When practitioners are forced to sit on a cable spindle, they have to put both hands on their knees, and their feet cannot move out from a floor tile, which is 40 centimeters square. They are forced to sit there day and night with their backs straight and stiff.

If they do not comply, they are punched and kicked. Both hands are outstretched and handcuffed to a bed. Even if they wear padded cotton pants, after three or four days of sitting on the spindle, their bottoms become bruised and lacerated. They then have difficulty walking.

Some practitioners are forced to sit continuously for several months. It is too painful to lie down on their backs, so they must lie facedown to sleep. The blood on their bottoms adheres to their pants, and the flesh of their bottoms is cracked into sections due to the small grooves on the spindle.