In the last two months the women's prison forbade imprisoned Dafa practitioners to communicate with or see their relatives. Since this September, the persecution against them has been escalating daily. Under the instruction of Zheng Jie, the former head of the No. 8 prison area (now promoted to assistant of general head of the prison), dozens of Dafa practitioners were dragged by force to the prison yard for torture every day. The wardens bound and brutally beat the Dafa practitioners. Zheng permitted male wardens to beat female practitioners' breasts and genital areas.

Under such vicious circumstances, the detained practitioners held a hunger strike. They demanded that they be permitted to practice Falun Gong and be released unconditionally. The practitioners jailed in No. 1 area joined the hunger strike on September 30, and the others would join too.

Considering this situation, we hope that practitioners inside and outside the prison would cooperate to eliminate all the evil elements in other dimensions behind the persecution. Meanwhile, we hope that all the kind people, especially the relatives of the detained practitioners, would support the detained practitioners until they are unconditionally released.

Telephone numbers of the relevant persons:

Wang Xing, general head of the prison: 86-451-86359454,

Chu Shuhua (female), vice head: 86- 451-86359322,

Zhang Xiuli, the former head of No. 8 area: 86-451-86359539,

Zheng Jie, the former head the first team of No. 8 area: 86-451-86358314.