After reading an article entitled "It is Validating Dafa and Not Exhibiting Personal Literary Talents," I very much agree with the views of the author. The author mentioned in the article: "During the period after we submit our articles and when we start to pay close attention as to whether the articles are published or not, how do some of our fellow practitioners react? What superficial behaviors are there? Perhaps there are some aspects that we need to cultivate here. should give them some consideration so as to elevate together." As for myself, from the writing and submission of the article, to the time I pay close attention to whether the article is published or not, there are many aspects that are definitely exposed that I need to cultivate and eliminate. I feel that the whole process of submitting the article (including writing the article and whether it is published or not) is not only a process of studying the Fa and validating the Fa, it is a process of looking within myself in order to cultivate.

I commenced submitting articles to Clearwisdom in September 2001. In doing this for more than two years, I have discovered within myself some of the undesirable aspects of an ordinary person's heart, as follows:

1. Feeling inferior and self-pity: After Minghui was established, I saw the notice from the editors soliciting articles. At that time, I thought of submitting articles, but suddenly and for unknown reasons, I had some strange ideas: "I have not cultivated well, will my articles be up to standard? If they do damage to the Fa, would I not drop in my level?" Because of these apprehensions and feelings of inferiority, I delayed writing anything and it was not until I studied Teacher's "Lecture on the Fa at the Washington D.C. International Conference" that I could thoroughly overcome this obstruction to writing articles for Clearwisdom.

2. Attachment of zealotry and the showoff mentality: After Clearwisdom published my first article, my attachment of zealotry immediately surfaced. My excitement was out of control and I kept feeling that I needed to talk to a fellow practitioner. At that moment, I realized that it was the effects caused by the attachment of zealotry and the showing off mentality, and I kept trying to suppress them. In the end I could not suppress them and spoke to the two practitioners who were the local coordinators about the publication of my article by Clearwisdom.

3. Attachments to fame, and jealousy: For quite some time, my articles were not published. I felt very dejected. Actually, I understood that there was no attachment to fame when I submitted articles to Clearwisdom, but whenever my articles were published, I felt excited. Is that not the submerged attachment of zealotry causing the problem? In addition, when I noticed that some articles appearing in Clearwisdom were from the same author, I felt unhappy and I would not even bother to read the articles. This clearly reflected my jealousy.

4. Fear: From the time I wrote the first article until now, I often had feelings of fear. It was especially so when the local situation of Fa-rectification became grim, or a materials production site was damaged. Then, my fears would immediately surface: fearing that my article would fall into the hands of the evil during transmission, fear that the police would recognize my handwriting, and so on.

I could very quickly become aware of the undesirable feelings of the ordinary person quoted above when I submitted my articles, and by studying the Fa diligently I could eliminate them. I have eliminated some of them through cultivation; for example, apprehension, feeling inferior, attachment of zealotry, the showoff mentality, and so on. Some have relapsed but they are becoming less, like fear. Teacher said:

"Judging from the articles on the Clearwisdom Website and Dafa disciples' articles on the Xinsheng Website and in other media, I'd say that some of the articles you've written are masterpieces--they are well-reasoned, their ideas are backed up, they demonstrate clear thinking, and their logic is strong. They have truly had the effect of shocking and intimidating the evil, and their caliber is high... As Dafa disciples, we are fully demonstrating what we're supposed to do--this is your responsibility, this is what Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should do, and you have done extraordinarily well." ("Lecture on the Fa at the Washington D.C. International Conference")

I will always keep firmly in mind what Teacher had instructed and continue to submit articles to Clearwisdom, and in so doing earnestly cultivate myself and do all I can to truly reflect in my articles the magnificent feat of the validation of Dafa, as well as the understandings of the Fa principles by my fellow practitioners.