(Clearwisdom.net October 13)

"This place is certainly more cruel than Zhazidong Concentration Camp"

Tuanhe Labor Camp often arbitrarily searches Falun Gong practitioners' bodies in order to prevent them from circulating Master Li's articles, articles on the practitioners' understanding of Fa, factual materials, appeal letters about the persecution and articles about the practitioners' resistance to the persecution, etc. Regarding the illegal body search, the practitioners questioned Guo Jinhe, a vicious guard and the deputy head of No. 5 Division, "Zhazidong Concentration Camp was not as cruel as this camp. (Zhazidong was a prison in 1940s known for its cruel ways of punishing the inmates) How could you be so cruel?" Guo answered, "This place is certainly more cruel than Zhazidong Concentration Camp."

"Would anybody with good character come to work in a labor camp?"

Whenever the practitioners acted to resist the persecution, the vicious guards in Tuanhe would violently beat them. The guards would yell, "Whoever resists the transformation [i.e., brainwashing] will be beaten up! This is the place that administers the wishes of the dictatorship. We are not afraid that you do not give in." Each time the beatings were reported to the labor camp director or higher government officials, they would always say, "Ah! The guards are just of such low quality. Would anybody with good character come to work in a labor camp?" Nonetheless, the higher authorities, on the sly, conniving and encouraging those vicious guards to relentlessly persecute Dafa practitioners.

"That is for sure wrong"

While the guards clearly know what they are doing is wrong, they still intentionally do it. After something is done, they openly "reprimand" the persons who did it. But while being "reprimanded," the employees still keep doing the same things. What is different is that the guards assume different roles while doing it.

The one who plays the mean role does the bad things, while the one who plays the good guy says, "That's wrong." The good cop-bad cop routine is one of the ways that the evil has used to brainwash the practitioners. This tactic has been fully mastered by the guards at the Beijing Labor Camp Bureau, including Xu Kaixuan, while they were in Tuanhe.

Many bad acts, such as forbidding the practitioners to eat, drink, or sleep, physical tortures in disguised forms, searching for complaint and appeal letters, arbitrarily withholding mail from practitioners' family members, depriving practitioners of their right to see their visiting family members, etc. are all done under the banner of "rectifying some improper means used in Tuanhe Labor Camp."

They go everywhere to spread how they "follow the policy and the law." Whoever questions them about the above mentioned tortures would be told, "That is for sure wrong." They might even replace some "inmate sentry" (i.e., criminal inmates employed to monitor and persecute Dafa practitioners) who had made some trouble. The criminal inmates would be given all the blame in officials deceitful efforts to show their will to "correct the mistakes." It is all game-playing, though. They would continue to do the bad things nevertheless. Their goal is to deceive people and to make people mistakenly believe that they truly want to correct their mistakes.

"Transformation is just mind-control"

In June 2003, while Jiang Haiquan, a vicious section chief in Tuanhe Labor Camp, was conducting the "transformation education" with the Dafa practitioners from all the divisions, he publicly claimed that "Transformation is just mind-control," which clearly exposed that the evil's true nature of using mind-control to persecute Dafa practitioners.

'How could the party permit the existence of truth!"

During one session of what they called "help and education," while answering why Dafa is persecuted, one guard from Tuanhe said, "The Communist Party is in power. How could the Party permit the existence of truth!" It seemed that he really knew the truth.

"We can't let anyone find out about that!"

Tuanhe Labor Camp often lets the "highly trained" squad search where the practitioners' store their clothes and belongings, as if they were ransacking a home. The main purpose is to search for Master Li's articles or the practitioners' understanding of Fa, which are in circulation among the practitioners. When such materials were found, they would aggravate their persecution of the practitioners, and furthermore, fine the concerned guards. To prevent themselves from being fined, some guards often conducted secret searches. They would not report to the authorities even when they found the concerned materials. Once when two guards chatted about this issue, they said helplessly, "We can't let anyone find out about that!"

The fabricated "transformation rate"

Tuanhe clearly knows that the majority of the so-called transformed Falun Gong practitioners gave up their cultivation under pressure, against their will. Furthermore, the "transformation" becomes more and more difficult. Even so, Tuanhe is still exhausting its ways to sustain the formality of the evil persecution. One of the ridiculous ways is that Tuanhe refuses to accept the solemn statements that practitioners give to retract the renouncements of Falun Gong they had previously made to the authorities. Even when it had accepted the solemn statements, Tuanhe would not report them to the higher authorities. Tuanhe has used this way to keep its "transformation rate" and "transformation achievements," including "transformation" bonuses.

Do not allow practitioners to sing the old song "Doomsday for the devils is about to come"

Last fall, Tuanhe Labor Camp No. 5 Division openly forbade people to sing an old song from the days of the war against Japan. Knowing why this song was banned, the practitioners could not help laughing. It may sound hard to believe, but the reason is that the song says, "Doomsday for devils is about to come." The guards were frightened whenever practitioners sang the song. The guards have done so many bad things that they are truly afraid of receiving retribution.

*Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief. Created by the "610 Office," the three statements consist of a letter of repentance, a guarantee to never again practice Falun Gong, and a list of names and addresses of all family members, friends and acquaintances who are practitioners.