Lately, when sharing experiences with fellow practitioners, we all noticed the same problem: Interference has become quite strong and noticeably touched all facets of our lives: physical body attacks, including diarrhea, fever, cloudiness of the head; thought interference, such as feeling drowsiness whenever picking up books, restlessness while sending righteous thoughts, inability to keep a calm mind, or lacking concentration while reading; work interference, such as conflicts had increased in intensity and become more pronounced than ever before; and interference on family lives seemed to increasingly perturb us without letting up. What's more, various sources of news indicated that local governments had intensified their persecution of Dafa practitioners seemed to be heard more frequently. Many practitioners felt we were in a submissive state, as if being affected by some external forces that made us behave indecisively and did not allow us to think clearly. We discussed this peculiar situation when we shared experiences with visiting practitioners. This exchange of thoughts helped us to reach a shared understanding.

1. Misunderstanding about the Old Forces' Covert Helpers

Dafa faced numerous troubles during the past few years. By the same token, Dafa practitioners established their mighty virtue during the process of eliminating evil beings. These low-level evil beings were unable to affect the Fa-rectification process, which thus allowed Dafa practitioners to eliminate them by sending righteous thoughts with relative ease. Practitioners' powerful righteous thoughts have eliminated the majority of those evil spirits and rotten ghosts. Knowing this, we can say with certainty that those evil spirits and rotten ghosts are no longer a big threat in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. They can no longer cause large-scale interference. We also understand that those so-called high-level old forces will not participate directly in carrying out evil deeds in the three-realms. They delegated the persecution and interference to the old forces' covert helpers. Master told us that the majority of the old forces were eliminated, thus the remaining lowest-level rotten ghosts could not cause much harm. As a result, wicked people whose thoughts were being controlled by the covert helpers carried out elements of the persecution, including interference and fake rumors. Although those wicked beings that were controlled by the old forces are on the brink of being destroyed, the so-called "test of Dafa" by the old forces has not yet come to an end. Those covert helpers held no thought beyond the task assigned by the high-level old forces. It is incredible that because of this persecution and interference countless sentient beings in the cosmos were destroyed. Therefore, the old forces will also face total destruction. After Master taught the Fa at the Midwest-U. S. Fa Conference, it was the turn of those covert helpers to be eliminated by Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts. How could these covert helpers protect themselves against strong righteous thoughts? Needless to say, they will not be inactive and wait around to be eliminated! They will do their utmost to intervene with Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts. We can say with confidence that they will do their utmost to survive, encumber Dafa practitioners' determination, and make Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts less effective. Not only this, but they will also try to take advantage of Dafa practitioners' Xinxing [heart nature, moral quality] gaps and thus affect a decrease in a practitioner's cultivation level. They undoubtedly caused the interference practitioners encountered lately, as this was exactly what they had anticipated. They caused the evil beings to be their executioners in the past. Now, when there are no evil beings left to do their dirty work, they had no choice but to perpetrate the interference and persecution themselves.

2. Unclear Grasp of Righteous Thoughts

Those old forces' covert helpers are in reality low level Buddhas, Taos, and Gods whose thoughts were warped. Because of their warped thoughts they committed crimes against Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Thus, Dafa practitioners should not hesitate nor be merciful in eliminating them with righteous thoughts. Our discussions brought out one problem all practitioners should be aware of. Although we intended to eliminate the covert helpers when sending righteous thoughts, we were unaware of our lack of understanding of them. We could not fathom that we were eliminating degenerated Buddhas, Taos, and Gods. Furthermore, we did not completely understand the strength of righteous thoughts. Thus, this produced unconscious doubts in our minds about the power of our righteous thoughts. We could not understand that we were able to eliminate those high-level beings. Therefore, even though this thought was part of our sending righteous thoughts, it became a mere formality. In turn, our righteous thoughts didn't have the intended effects. Those covert helpers will not hesitate to interfere with Dafa practitioners' righteous minds. Therefore, how can we counter this interference? Given Teacher's direction, we should make full use of our abilities and acknowledge that we are the future different cosmos's lords, though within our present restraints. Thus, eliminating those covert helpers is our sacred duty, critical to the success of our efforts. The righteous thoughts we developed through our cultivation are sufficient to eliminate those helpers who committed crimes against Dafa, crimes that cannot be forgiven. Regardless of who they are, whether they are the old forces' Buddhas, Taos, or Gods, or the higher-level Gods of different cosmoses, or even the highest level of the old forces, we have to be clear in our mind regarding the sins they committed. They created this huge obstacle for the Fa-rectification. All of this is unacceptable. Teacher permits us to eliminate them and thus provided us with this ability. "However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." ("Also in a Few Words") The way we understand this is that the power that righteous thoughts will manifest itself.

Teacher said,

"So to thoroughly eliminate all the evil elements, from now on when Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts they should completely clean out those old forces' behind-the-scenes helpers, meaning, eliminate them. They're specifically carrying out everything that the old forces want to have done. Only after they're eliminated can more sentient beings be saved, and my Law Bodies and the righteous Gods who truly uphold Dafa will be able to look after things comprehensively. Start to completely eliminate them. The majorities of them are at a low level and directly control rotten spirits. It's very easy to eliminate them since their levels are rather low, but they are hiding inside the most surface dimension." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U. S. Fa Conference")

3. When Xinxing Has Elevated to Its Appropriate Place, the Effect of Righteous Thoughts Can be Seen Immediately

Because of this sharing, our understanding became clear and interference from the old forces has completely disappeared. We have to thoroughly eliminate not only these vicious beings, but also the old forces' covert helpers with our righteous thoughts. Above all, we should be clear as to what we have to target and clearly recognize what causes interference of the Fa--rectification. In addition, we have to eliminate the factors that restrain our divine powers.

After our discussion we felt refreshed and cleansed. All problems with our thoughts, bodies, jobs, tasks and families had disappeared. From that day onward, one practitioner no longer suffered from diarrhea, after one month of misery. Originally, he thought it was caused by the elimination of karma and he paid no heed. Yet, his family and work troubles continued unabated. His Xinxing problems caused all these problems. Because of our sharing he found his attachments, and thus was able to eliminate the covert helpers. He has made progress. He realized and shared that it was important to clearly recognize these covert helpers and their interference. Our being interfered with by the outside forces is usually caused by us holding on to our attachments. We need to find the root cause and then eliminate it. It is of utmost importance.

We believe that the above are not isolated incidences of our area. We shared them with our fellow practitioners to help them recognize this possible problem. Please, kindly tell us if there is a misunderstanding on our part.