While explaining the facts about the persecution, an obstacle that we encounter most often is that a lot of people think we are getting mixed up in politics. These people appear to be very stubborn and strongly object to us in their minds. They usually cannot bear to listen to our explanations of the truth. We have often discussed this issue, and it has been suggested that we should forcefully deny this accusation. However, it seems that we keep running into the same problem over and over again.

When I calmed my mind and thought about my mental attitude while clarifying the truth, I felt that I found the root cause of some problems. Every time I told people about the various crimes the Party has committed over the past fifty years and the persecution against Dafa for the past four years, my human attachments unwittingly surfaced. I naturally talked with a sharp tongue and I could not control myself. Therefore people always ended up saying: "You want to practice Falun Gong, so be it! But why get into politics?"

I think that if during truth clarification we keep encountering the same obstacle, and have difficulty explaining the same thing, or people keep asking us the same question, we should refer back to the Fa and examine ourselves to see what attachments we still need to let go of.

With regard to the Party, I remember Teacher has mentioned this many times, "But I don't want to defeat you, *** Party,..." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference"). In the past I didn't make a real effort to understand this Fa-truth. Afterwards, I discovered that many people were hindered by my lack of understanding, and as a result some of them could not be saved.

After studying the Fa and reflecting on it, I realize that, rather than targeting the Party as a human institution, we should instead expose, target and eliminate the old cosmos's evil forces. "Everything through the ages has happened for the Fa" ("Just a Play"). All of the old forces have made arrangements from the highest to the lowest level, with the Party being nothing but a tribulation for the Fa-rectification at the very lowest level and the manifestation in the human world of the old forces' master manipulator. However, the evil behind-the-scene helpers actually exist in other dimensions. Why then should we treat this surface manifestation as our opponent and forget about the real culprit?

In fact, the only way to eliminate it by the root is through Fa-rectification cultivation, that is to say, by doing everything that Teacher has required of us. My understanding is that we should live up to the standards of real Fa-rectification enlightened beings and be compassionate, selfless and free of attachments. If we fail to achieve this we won't be able to eliminate the evil and the evil will prop up this shell on the surface. Yet, this cannot be resolved by using human concepts or human methods at all. Unless we understand what Fa-rectification is from the Fa, we won't be able to do a good enough job and we'll incur losses.

The Party is not an abstract notion in this dimension; instead, it consists of sixty-six million people. However among them, many are also beings that have been harmed by the evil's deception; therefore they are pitiable. Moreover, just because they are members of the *** Party doesn't mean that they lack benevolent thoughts and that it is not possible to save them. On the contrary, we should offer them salvation too. When we consider eliminating the Party as the goal in our minds, we are in fact putting sixty-six million people in opposition to us.

With this understanding, I no longer have the notion of the Party; instead, there's only the distinction between the righteous and the evil. I tell people, "I don't care if you belong to the Party or to which Party you belong, but if you do evil you'll be exposed. There is still hope if you just give up evil and return to virtue. As long as you are a human being, you should be able to distinguish the righteous from the wicked and good from evil; this way there will be hope for you in the future." I gradually discovered that when I didn't follow the arrangements made by the old forces or hold human emotions towards the Party, people no longer talked about "being political."

If the old cosmos's beings cannot change for the better, it is their own choice. An enlightened being will simply safeguard the Fa compassionately and steadfastly. The Fa's dignity will certainly eliminate all elements that damage the Fa and poison sentient beings. In this persecution the crimes committed by Jiang's scoundrel political group under the flag of the Party are all evils and are to be eliminated. They need to be exposed completely and totally when we offer salvation to sentient beings. However, if we react with human anger and resentment, the effect will usually be the opposite.

Having understood these principles of the Fa-rectification, I think "no politics" is our ability to remain unaffected by human politics, which means that we will not be affected by the Party in this dimension at all. We have to clearly distinguish what the evil is, how evil it is, why we have to expose it and how to expose and inhibit it comprehensively. Therefore, it doesn't matter which human means we use, as long as we understand the essence of Fa-rectification, I think nobody in the cosmos will have any arguments left. People in the human world naturally will not say that we are getting into politics. Therefore, the key is not to count our accomplishments, but to see whether we are able to do things without any attachments.

The above is just my personal understanding. Please kindly correct me if there's anything improper.