Falun Dafa practitioners at Ohio State held a series of activities to rescue Wang Weiyu after learning that he was going to be sentenced unjustly. Wang Weiyu, was expelled from school for practicing Falun Gong while he was pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Qinghua University. Subsequently, he was arrested in August 2002, and was held in the detention center of Beijing Police Bureau. Recently, his family received a phone call from an authority of the Chaoyang District of Beijing City saying that Wang Weiyu was going to be tried in court.

Practitioners in Cincinnati visited the offices of the two state senators from Ohio and explained to their assistants the detailed background of Wang Weiyu and the persecution he has suffered for his belief. The assistants were asked for help to rescue Wang Weiyu. They expressed their deep concern for the case and promised to let the senators know about it.

A practitioner who is a professor at Cincinnati University clarified the truth of Wang Weiyu's case to the president of a student organization to seek his help. The president of the student organization immediately offered his help and launched a campaign to collect signatures to rescue Wang Weiyu on campus in the name of the student organization.

Practitioners talked to one of the journalists with the university newspaper expressing their hope to publish the campaign in the newspaper. The journalist took the case seriously and immediately published the news along with the sites for collecting signatures in one of the best spots in the newspaper.

During the campaign, many students had a strong sense of righteousness. After a brief introduction, many students were willing to sign their names and sincerely hoped that their signatures could really help to rescue Wang Weiyu.

The campaign also gave practitioners the chance to meet some Chinese students. Many of them could change their misunderstanding of Falun Gong after Wang Weiyu's case was discussed with them. Some even offered helpful suggestions.

Practitioners realized that more and more people began to have righteous thoughts towards Falun Dafa as a result of the activities to clarify the truth. This is great for those people. The rescuing activities marked a good beginning. More effort will be spent on these activities in the future.