"In order for anything to have a foothold in this world, to be able to hold up, and establish itself, there has to be a key factor: It has to form a field in this dimension, a field that's of material existence." (Falun Buddha Fa, Lecture at the Conference in Europe)

During the past four years since Dafa has been persecuted, many practitioners have been able take the Fa as Teacher, put down their selves, and step out bravely to validate the Fa in various ways. They have been rectifying the Fa at this lowest level, stabilizing the existence of Dafa in this human world, and creating lives at the human level that will exist forever on earth. The three realms will exist forever. Although the lives on this human level are the lowest, the meaning of existence is great, as it gives higher lives who have fallen down a chance to return to their original true selves by cultivating in this maze. Dafa is continuously harmonizing everything, correcting overlooked deviations on the part of higher lives in higher levels, so that lives will forever conform to the requirements of Dafa for each level. The colossal firmament will never again go through "destruction," which is the result of validating the Fa.

Speaking from another perspective, Master has mercy towards all sentient beings.

"Lives have become more and more impure throughout endless historical ages, and everything is deviating. If it continues like this for a long time, even the most fundamental base of Zhen-Shan-Ren will deviate. This is incredibly horrible. Nonetheless, I cherish the lives in the cosmos. I wish to preserve the original lives as much as possible and avert the process of elimination. This wish came forth, and so I came." (Lecture At the Conference in Switzerland)

In order to save the original lives, Master descended level by level, over an extremely long time period. Teacher says,

"Before dangers and disasters come, sail the Fa boat, Billions of hardships and perils are blocking in waves, Fragmented and broken, carrying heaven and earth, A dream of ten thousand years is over, eventually the coast." (Hongyin, "Arduously Saving" unofficial draft translation)

Master has suffered numerous hardships to save us, then what do we have that still can't be abandoned? There are some practitioners who refuse to move even though the Fa has been taught so clearly. They do not even study Master's new articles! Master does not want to leave one single disciple behind, although he does say,

"Opportunity knocks but once. Once the illusion that you cannot let go of disappears, you will realize what you have lost." (Essentials for Further Advancement, "Practicing Cultivation After Retirement")

Without Master's benevolence the colossal firmament and sentient beings would have long disintegrated. We are fortunate to have come across Dafa and have our lives sustained until today. It is only reasonable to give our lives to validating Dafa. Not to mention, Master is giving us eternal glory!

Then what does it mean to step out to validate the Fa? According to Master Li's Fa principles, in order for Dafa to have a foothold in this world, it has to form a "field," form an environment. Therefore the fundamental way to validate the Fa is to let more of the world's people know about the existence of Dafa. On the material level the existence of Dafa is practitioners and the world's people who have been rectified by the Fa. Going to Beijing and being detained are not our goals when we validate Dafa, but letting the world know the truth is. Writing a letter and signing our names to clarify the truth is also validating the Fa; letting employers, neighborhood offices, and the police know we are cultivators of Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth to them is validating the Fa. Those who "secretly cultivate at home," and dare not admit to cultivating Dafa when asked by local authorities, making sure that no one knows that they still cultivate Falun Dafa are not validating the Fa. Even if they are still studying the Fa and exercising secretly, they do not count as validating the Fa. Of course if one is doing a special job for Dafa that is another matter.

Why can others step out to validate the Fa, but you cannot? Isn't that taking the validating of the Fa as something arbitrary or expendable? Please be clear that this step is a key to which position you will end up in the future! If you still see yourself as a cultivator, think about this carefully. Distinguish your human notions and your understanding of the Fa from within the Fa, letting go of messy post-natal notions that block you from stepping out. Only when you are involved in Fa-rectification cultivation, can you understand the Fa principles and the power of Dafa, and no longer be deluded by surface illusions. Only then will everything around you change, following your righteous path. As long as you act according to the requirement of Fa-rectification, you will reach the goal of validating the Fa and negating the evil's persecution. If you have strong righteous thoughts you can do this completely. I was detained three times, and sentenced to a forced labor camp twice. I absolutely refused to cooperate and with righteous thoughts asked Master Li to protect me. Although I endured hardships, the forced labor camp refused to take me twice. There are many such cases in our region.

"The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." (Essential for Further Advancement II, "Drive out Interference")

Righteous actions come from righteous thoughts, righteous thoughts come from righteous faith, righteous faith comes from righteous understanding, and righteous understanding comes from studying the Fa. So we must study the Fa more, put straight the relationship between personal cultivation and Fa-rectification, and put down selfishness, so we can walk out of humanness and bravely validate the Fa.

"Your enlightened, original nature will automatically know what to do. Cherishing your human side enables you to enlighten to and ascend in the Fa. Dafa is harmonizing all sentient beings, and all sentient beings are also harmonizing Dafa. I have told you the solemnity and sacredness of the Fa in order to eliminate your confusion about and misunderstanding of the Fa." (Essentials for Further Advancement, "Expounding on the Fa")

When we have all matured as one body, that is the time that the evil will be completely eliminated. Let us end this persecution soon and save sentient beings, so we will be worthy of Master's salvation. Let us be responsible to ourselves, be responsible to our journey of tens of millions of years, and the vows we made long ago. Let us advance diligently! Time will not wait for us!