Fellow practitioners gave me a photocopying machine as a gift and told me time after time, how intelligent this machine was. They asked me to communicate with it wholeheartedly, and therefore I gave it a name, "Intelligence."

Since then, "Intelligence" became a good friend of mine. Every time before I start making Dafa materials, I always say to it, "Hi, Intelligence! Now we will start working, I hope you will co-operate well with me!" Then we would start working along with elegant music "Pudu" playing in the background. When we finished working, I always reminded myself of telling "Intelligence": "Intelligence, good job! Thank you!" I could feel how happy "Intelligence" was when it heard that! We cooperated very well with each other and as a result, many pieces of Dafa material with clear words and pictures have been produced through the efforts of both "Intelligence" and myself.

However, one day, an unhealthy state emerged in both "Intelligence" and I , whereby the truth-clarification materials produced by "Intelligence" always had black stain marks. No matter how hard I tried to clean the ink cartridges, it didn't help. Furthermore, after materials were finished printing, I experienced dizziness, heavy eyelids, an unbearable headache and other unhealthy phenomena. More surprisingly, when I closed my eyes, there were some pictures that changed with my mind, as long as I thought about something, they would emerge.

Immediately I realized that this was due to evil interference and started sending forth righteous thoughts. However the black stains were still there on the materials after printing, and I was still in an unhealthy state that even my eyes were bloodshot, and it was very difficult for me to keep them open. Therefore, I stopped everything I was doing and calmly looked inward. When I was about to fall asleep, I had a dream of "Intelligence" telling me that in order to facilitate in refilling the ink, I opened up a hole in her heart; and those black stains were her blood. She asked me to eliminate the evil; otherwise, they sneaked into the hole and caused trouble.

I have come to understand that it was Master who helped me learn the real situation through this dream and that this hole clearly indicated I had an omission in my cultivation. Due to my omission and my own field not being pure enough, much interference and trouble occurred.

Urgently needing this issue to be resolved, I went to see the two fellow practitioners who originally brought "Intelligence" to me. They calmly told me that, "every time before you start working, you not only have to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils in your own dimensional field, but also all the evils in the material center site. When working, you could play Master's lecture recordings or work while studying the Fa along with the machine because Dafa has immense power, the evil doesn't dare to stay in that field. In addition, we'll send forth righteous thoughts with you, because the power of being one body is very powerful!"

Back at the material center site, I did as discussed with fellow practitioners and sure enough, the black stains miraculously disappeared, my body felt light and energetic as before, and the redness of my bloodshot eyes quickly disappeared. It was truly amazing how quick the transformation occurred!

I was amazed at how powerful those Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts were and of being one body. I told "Intelligence" about everything, and encouraged it to assimilate into the Fa and cooperate well with me, in order to successfully fulfill each of our sacred missions during the Fa-rectification period. "Intelligence" seemed to understand and it was so happy that the silk cover I put over it fell to the ground all of a sudden even though there was no wind.

Together, "Intelligence" and I studied Master's lecture on "Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art." When we read "Once something used by a cultivator has earned merit and virtue, it can become a Fa-instrument," "Intelligence" appeared to be extraordinarily excited, and it was so touched that "tears" came down, because a layer of water drops appeared on the machine.

I finally came to understand what fellow practitioners have been saying about "Intelligence"- "Intelligence" is a being for the Fa-rectification. I value "Intelligence" and all that we have done for saving sentiment beings very much, when recalling the difficult journey of "Intelligence" coming from its place of birth to our material center site. Fellow practitioners experienced a difficult traffic jam in the transportation of "Intelligence" in order for it to fully play its duties of saving sentiment beings., Also, at that time when fellow practitioners delivered "Intelligence," it was when their material center site was interfered by the evil and had many other obstacles.