Dafa practitioner Ms. Qiu Yuxia had been detained at the Jiamusi Labor Camp for nearly three years. In August 2003 her relatives became very concerned after they heard that Yuxia had lost feeling in her two hands due to torture and could no longer take care of herself. Yuxia's sisters came to the labor camp again, asking to visit their sister. The camp police refused their request. Out of desperation, they told the camp police that they would appeal to a higher authority if their wish was not granted, and that the camp officials would bear all consequences if anything happened to Yuxia. The camp police knew they were in the wrong and reluctantly brought Yuxia out for them to see. When they saw that Yuxia's arms were just hanging like they were paralyzed, they asked her what happed. Yuxia told them it was caused by the torturous handcuffing over the shoulder and behind the back applied by the labor camp guards. The relatives then demanded that the camp guards explain why they tortured their sister like this, the guards replied, "It was for your sister's own safety." Only the Jiang regime could fabricate such ridiculous excuses.

Yuxia's family demanded that the labor camp provide medical treatment for Yuxia. After the camp guards found out that Yuxia's family went to the Procuratorate Office, they started to retaliate against Qiu Yuxia. In spite of her very high blood pressure, camp guard Chen Chunmei forced Qiu Yuxia to walk for long periods without assistance. Qiu Yuxia fell to the floor. The medical office prognosis indicated that Qiu Yuxia could only lie down from now on because she could suffer an accident at any time with such high blood pressure. Yet camp guard Chen Chunmei, Mu Zhenjuan and Gao Xiaohua did not make any provisions for Qiu Yuxia to lie down and rest during the day. They forced others to carry her to the workshop each day, and carry her back in the evenings.

Currently Qiu Yuxia is in critical condition. When her family and work unit again demanded to visit her at the labor camp, the camp director Xu Guiying lied to them, "Your sister is fine, you can all go back home now." That evening, when her family called the labor camp again, the camp guard on duty bragged, "So you went to the Procuratorate Office. So go ahead and sue us." Now the camp tried to conceal the truth and arranged medical treatment for Qiu Yuxia. But they made up the story in the labor camp that Qiu Yuxia was fine after she went to the hospital, "the prognosis was good." Even the inmates were coached to corroborate their story.