(Clearwisdom.net, September 29, 2003) With the Fa-rectification speeding up, we get more and more busy but are still paying more attention to our children's cultivation environment. On the morning of Sunday, September 28, half-day Fa-study classes for both children and adults were held in National Tao-Yuan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational High School.

Since China Post happened to have some activities on the same campus at the same time, many people were there. It worked out very well for introducing Falun Dafa and our signature collection activities. It was a wise arrangement by our compassionate Teacher.

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Child practitioners were studying the Fa, doing exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts.

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Cute paintings Children were signing their names in support of "Bringing Jiang to Public Trial". Truth clarification to the public

Children's class agenda included Fa-study, doing exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, painting, story-telling and singing. To make it easier for them, we put younger children in one class and older children in another.

Although they are young, many of the children can recite "On Buddha Law" and "Hongyin". The children looked forward to story time and listened to stories by Dafa practitioners with great attention. How happy they were when inspired from the stories about "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance"! Practitioners' careful preparation for story-telling and teaching really paid off.

For us adults, some studied the Fa and shared experiences, and some went to collect signatures on campus. The community activity by China Post "coincided" with ours and gave us a perfect chance of truth-clarification to the crowds of people.