One day this year, I went to the Longshan Labor Camp with three fellow practitioners to visit another practitioner who was being illegally detained there, and we witnessed the impudence and depravity of the police. They placed Teacher's photo on the ground in front of the gate, with a policeman stepping on each edge of the photo. Then they asked practitioners' family members to step on the photo. Many family members did not like this immoral behavior, so they strode over the photo. The police then ferociously called them back, ordering them to trample on the photo if they wanted to go inside and see the practitioners.

An elderly practitioner among the four of us said, "Today we must go inside openly. We must never step on Teacher's photo." We kept sending forth righteous thoughts. At this moment, only the four of us were still outside waiting for our turns to go in. Two policemen walked out through the gate, leaving only one of their colleagues sitting in a chair. Then our elderly practitioner walked over, picked up Teacher's photo and put it away. The policeman sitting there took a look at him, but did not say anything, as if he were frozen. Thus, under the protection of our Teacher, we walked into the labor camp in an open and dignified manner.