October 12, 2003


Not long ago my husband and I overheard some people angrily discussing an incident they had witnessed recently.

A healthy young man was trying to steal a purse from a lady. The victim recognized the young man's intention and immediately reacted to protect her purse from being grabbed away, trying her best to defend herself. This young thief did not have any feeling of shame but instead, violently beat and kicked his victim, all the while shouting loudly. The victim, being thin and weak, barely had the strength to fight back. The thief, unable to wrest the purse from his badly beaten victim, then strode away without a backwards glance at the victim of his violence.

What enraged people most was that this entire incident was witnessed by some policemen, who stood by laughing at the lady's struggles.

The onlookers said with great despair: "This country is finished! The police used to protect good people. But now instead of preventing a crime like this, they applaud this criminal and his dastardly deeds!" One person said, "These are the kind of policemen that are experts at persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Those Falun Gong practitioners do not fight back or even talk back when they face the violence inflicted by these policemen. The more the policemen get the more they want. This is all the fault of Jiang Zemin."

People are angry and worried but cannot do anything about it.

From the anger that people felt about the thief, the fury stirred by the policemen and the resentment towards Jiang Zemin, I can see that people bear a grudge against the evil that pollutes their world, and long for the return of goodness. I remember the words on the truth-clarifying fliers distributed by Falun Gong: "The world needs Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance." This is truly correct. People today do urgently need Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.