Around 7 p.m. on October 27, 2000, taking orders from higher levels, the Fifth Team in Jinan Female Forced Labor Camp resorted to violent measures to persecute the more than one hundred practitioners. Fully armed police and police cars surrounded the building housing the practitioners. Following the lead of Team Captain Niu Xuelian and wielding electric batons in their hands, over 20 drunken policemen rushed into the corridors of the practitioners' dormitories and shocked practitioners whenever they saw one. Right away they put a dozen or so practitioners into solitary confinement, and forced them to stand and squat for a long time. They cuffed practitioners and beat them up, and restricted them from going to the restroom. A policeman with the last name Xiang beat up Ms. Zhou Jihong. Ms. Tang Shuying, 55, was handcuffed for 50 days and her feet and legs were both badly swollen as a result.

Many practitioners went on hunger strikes to protest, and were met with police's force-feeding.

Any practitioner attempting to do the Dafa exercises was shocked by Niu Xuelian with an electric baton. Ms. Liang Fang, Lin Yuqing, Xu Lianyun and many others were shocked by Niu. Ms Zhai Jinping was tied to a chair and had her mouth stuffed with cloth for two days by Niu. A policewoman named Sun Juan beat up Ms. Chi Mingxiang. Sun grabbed her hair with one hand and slapped her with the other over 30 times. Ms. Chi was deprived of her sleep for three consecutive days and nights. Within just over a year, the Fifth Team police caused three practitioners to become so psychologically traumatized that they sufference a mental collapse. Niu has selected her toughest enforcers to watch the practitioners, verbally abusing them and beating them up.

The labor camp also enforced a policy of "no transforming, no visiting." They did not let practitioners sleep, or in some cases, let them sleep for only three to four hours a day, to destroy the practitioners' will. They forced practitioners to do hard labor, exceeding human capacity, for 13 to 14 hours a day to punish practitioners, and also to reap the economic benefit for the camp. With different means of extorting money from practitioners and with practitioners' hard labor, the camp managed to built a ten-story office building, a visitation building, and a big boiler room within two years.