I have often talked about the necessity of denying the old forces' arrangements, and in the process of validating the Fa, I have broken through many aspects arranged by the old forces to interfere with my cultivation. However, how should we understand these arrangements of the old forces as they span from low levels right on up through very high levels of the universe, and are interfering with the Fa-rectification at every step? According to this bigger picture, I realize I have not been clear-headed.

When the persecution began the old forces followed the mandate: "ruin [practitioners'] reputations, bankrupt [practitioners] financially, and destroy [practitioners] physically." I used to understand this superficially as the demonstration of evil played out by bad people in this world. Living abroad, I even felt that the persecution was aimed at the practitioners in China. I had completely failed to realize that the banner, "ruin reputations, bankrupt financially, and destroy physically" in this world represents the display of all evil forces that will be eliminated in the entire universe.

In my understanding, "ruining reputations" is to continuously test our righteous belief in the Fa and Teacher. "Bankrupt financially" is to put the cruel persecution under the pretext of giving us a hard situation so that we can build up our great virtue. "Destroying physically" is to eliminate all lives that do not meet their standards.

I believe that everyone probably has a fairly clear understanding of "ruining reputations," but looking a little deeper, I find "Bankrupting financially" is also comprehensive and devastating in effect.

Except for a small number of practitioners who have monetary wealth, most practitioners are severely restrained in this regard. Before I had accepted the old forces' arrangement on this issue for two reasons. Firstly, I thought that because I had become a practitioner, I could take fame and gain lightly; therefore being poor appeared to be a good thing. But this understanding is a manifestation of being constrained by the state of personal cultivation.

Secondly, I felt that saving sentient beings should be difficult, and accepted financial restraints according to this theory. Later, however, I realized that if I myself didn't have loopholes, where could the persecution come from? Looking inward, I felt that sometimes I did consider money as being important, therefore I gave up the idea of "making money." This is also a sign of being constrained by personal cultivation.

As the truth-clarifying process is becoming more sophisticated, I long for more materials such as newspapers, magazines, films, and TV programs that reflect human beings' righteous thoughts and inspire the magnificence and beauty of Dafa.

I hope that the evil information blockade against Chinese people can be broken so that everyone in China can have a chance to know the truth. However, all around me practitioners with advanced education have been exchanging manual labor for basic living conditions and at the same time saving every spare penny to make truth-clarifying material.

After strenuous labor during the day they were unceasingly doing truth-clarifying work until very late at night, suffering indescribable hardships. Yet some practitioners are still saying that mighty virtue can only be gained through great difficulty. However, what feels painful to me is that if we still recognize and accept the old forces' arrangements today, how can we save more sentient beings?

Many truth clarification programs have been abandoned and many programs are progressing at a snail's pace just because we don't have money. Why? In my opinion, we have not yet broken through the old forces' arrangements in a fundamental way.

Any breakthrough can be realized only when we become more sober minded as a group, from the perspective of the Fa. Dafa is harmonious on all levels. We don't just need to send forth-righteous thoughts to solve the problems happening in other dimensions. Dafa also needs to present itself clearly in the human world.

For example, in breaking the evil arrangement of "bankrupting financially," we need to understand from the bottom of our hearts that everything we are doing is to save the world's people. Then our work should reflect the principle of "more labor, more gain." We need to support each other with righteous thoughts to break the old force's arrangements. Of course, if our mentality is not pure and righteous and harbors the attachment to money, the old forces will easily interfere. So we must keep our mentality righteous.

Now, how should we understand "destroying physically"? Clearwisdom.net publishes facts Cof-the-persecution headlines almost every day. However, many practitioners feel indifferent after seeing so many cases, and they think there is nothing we can do to stop the brutality. Others read about the cruel persecution, but don't know how to help. As a matter of fact, they have not deeply understood that this phenomenon is just the continuous reflection of the evil "destroying physically" and that we must completely deny this by sending forth-righteous thoughts. Further, considering the Fa at the level of this world, we should make telephone calls to the evil police, tell people everywhere the truth of the persecution, and send fellow practitioners in critical condition to the hospital for rescue.

The above is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please point out anything improper.