(Clearwisdom.net) October 15, 2003 report: One Clearwisdom journalist reports from China: Provincial governments in China have changed the name of the "610 Office" to "Purge the Evil Cult Office." To outsiders the government claims that the "610 Offices" have been disbanded.

Government officials in the know comment that this is a tactic often used by the Party, which is to simply change the outward appearance and not the nature of something. The name of the "610 Office" has a terrible reputation, so the government resorted to a name change in order to deal with foreign lawsuits as well as the overseas media.

The full name of the "610 Office" was "the Leadership Team Office on the Issue of Falun Gong." Under personal direction by Jiang Zemin, that office structure was established on June 10, 1999 and has since then been known as the "610 Office." It is the decision-making and enforcing agency under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) "Leadership Team on the Issue of Falun Gong." It is a permanent office under the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the CCP Central Committee, controlled by Luo Gan, the Secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee. It systematically carries out Jiang's orders of "defaming their reputation, bankrupting them financially, destroying them physically."

The "610 Office" is the highest-level governmental agency the Jiang's regime uses to persecute Falun Gong. As it does nothing but political persecution and is completely above the law, it has a lot in common with the former "CCP Central Committee Cultural Revolution Leadership Team." It has been compared to the Nazi Gestapo.

Since 1999, the "610 Office" became a strict and independent system with absolute power over all levels of the ruling Party, the governmental departments and judicial systems in China. It orders and monitors various parts of the government machinery, including overseas Chinese consulates and embassies, to actively participate in this political persecution against Falun Gong and slandering "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance."