1. Obtaining the Fa

Before I obtained the Fa I had many diseases, including a colon inflammation for over 20 years and diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH). I also had arthritis in my neck, which made me sleepy and weak, and because of it I would even lose consciousness sometimes. Later the condition deteriorated to such an extent that I could not move, and so I was hospitalized for six years. I also stayed at home for two years. Both Chinese medicine and western medicine did not work for me, and so I resorted to qigong for help. I learned over a dozen forms of qigong, and over time I took five senior monks as Masters, asking them to cure my diseases. Even though my diseases did improve to some extent, they were not cured completely, and I could barely go a day without medication. In the beginning of March 1994, I received a Falun Gong book by chance and found myself really attracted to the teachings.

Three or four days later, I went to attend Master Li's lecture held in Shijiazhuang. Soon after, I was lucky enough to attend Master's lecture in Tianjin, where I got a seat in the front row and could see Master clearly. When the Tianjin lecture came to an end, everyone was asked to write an experience-sharing article. In my article, I mentioned, "I cried this time when I parted from Master." One fellow practitioner read it and she told me about a lecture coming up in Dalian. After the Dalian lecture, I followed Master to Jinzhou. Two months later, I went to Jinan. In this way, very smoothly, I heard Teacher lecture at five different lecture series.

2. My Body is Purified

My body was purified after I attended my first series of lectures in Shijiazhuang. The third day, after the lecture, Master told us that some people would begin to feel physically uncomfortable, as our bodies began to be purified. Those who had illnesses might experience chills or feverish feelings, and pain as if they were suffering from a serious cold. The root of the diseases would be eliminated, and we had to endure a little bit. After hearing all this, I did not actually believe it. I thought to myself, as I was walking back to my hotel, "Master, you look so young, how can you be so capable? Does what you say apply to me?" My room was on the fifth floor. I barely reached the stairs before I began to feel pain. I felt very cold and was out of breath. I climbed the stairs by holding the handrails. I flopped down on the bed upon entering the room. Xiao Zhang, a fellow practitioner asked me to get up and eat, but I told him that I was too uncomfortable to eat. The entire day I stayed in bed and did not eat a single bite. At about 6:00 p.m., I remembered Master Li had said that even if you have a very strong reaction, you had to keep coming, otherwise you might lose out. Remembering this, I asked Xiao Zhang to hold me so I could walk to the front door to take the bus. As I got to the lecture hall and heard Master Li's lecture, I felt very energetic. The next day, again, I lay in bed for the entire day and ate very little. Without Master's reminders, I do not know what I would have done. On the fourth day, my mind and heart suddenly felt very light and energetic, with no feeling of being sick at all. I tried to jump and could jump up very high, and walk very quickly. I came to see for myself, the truth of what Master had said. I felt a lot of admiration for Teacher. Since that day, eight years ago, I have not taken a single pill and have saved my employer thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

3. My Impressions of Master Li

1). In March 1994, in Shijiazhuang, in order to save practitioners coming from other areas money for accommodation costs, Teacher shortened the ten-day lectures to eight days, but he did not reduce the actual number of lectures he gave. Master did not have any break and gave two lectures a day on Sunday and Saturday.

2). Various Qigong Associations gave invitations to Master Li. In January his schedule was fully booked for the first half of the year. So when the session of lectures finished in Shijiazhuang, he did not take any break, and headed off for the next session. He was busy night and day. He asked every practitioner to write an experience-sharing article after the lectures ended. He would then read every article on the train. Even when he was not giving lectures, he was busy dealing with many other things. When the phone rang, practitioners would pick it up, trying not to disturb Teacher. Day and night he was very busy thinking about practitioners and trying to save them money.

a). When Master Li gave lectures in China, it was the Qigong Research Institute who organized the lectures and invited him. During those days famous qigong masters usually collected thousands of Yuan when they gave lectures and sometimes they did not even show up personally. The Qigong Research Institute charged every student at least 70-80 Yuan for attending Master Li's lectures. In order to save practitioners money Master Li had to negotiate with them and finally the fees were reduced to about 50 Yuan.

b). At the conclusion of every lecture series, we would take group photographs. Master would show concern that the price for taking the photos would increase practitioners' financial burden. One time when we finished our Jinzhou classes, some of us wanted to invite a professional photographer to take our picture, with each photo costing over ten Yuan. Teacher said it was too expensive, and so we got a fellow practitioner to take the photos for us, each photo cost only two Yuan. Teacher was pleased.

c). Master had a very simple lifestyle. Whether it was winter or summer, he always had only his two black suits and white shirts. Teacher was always well groomed and always kept his clothes in good shape. Master also did not waste any food. I was told that once Master Li was having a meal with three practitioners. Four of them bought five boxes of rice, and one was left over. The next day the extra box of rice went bad and practitioners wanted to throw it away. Master did not allow them to throw it away, and simply ate it himself. While he was having his meal, Master reminded the practitioners not to waste even a single grain of rice.

4. More Impressions of Teacher

Teacher is tall, young and handsome. He is very solemn and elegant, and his voice is very pleasant. I would always be so happy to see him. He is so compassionate and patient. Without any script or a break he gave two-hour lectures everyday. When teaching the exercises, Teacher asked one practitioner to go to the stage to do the exercises, and he walked off the stage and around to the other side to correct the practitioner's exercise movements. After each series of lectures, he would take pictures with us. After taking a photograph I would go with him and other practitioners. In Jinan we had largest attendance at that time. All the five thousand seats in a big gym in Huangting were taken.

5. I Grew Mature Gradually During Fa-rectification

After several years of cultivation, I gradually matured. At the beginning of May 2000, I, together with some fellow practitioners stepped forward and went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl our banners. We were arrested and sent back to the local detention center. The local police tried to sentence me to three years of forced labor and sent me back to the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. On the way to the camp, they tried to force me to give up cultivation, saying: "If you write a guarantee letter, we will let you go home." At that time, I was determined, thinking that it was Master and Dafa that had saved and given me such a healthy body and I would remain steadfast in cultivation. I would not be fearful no matter how difficult and vicious the labor camp was. I rejected them firmly. When I had my physical examination, the doctor said that I had skeletal hyperostosis in my neck and knee and I could not work. I thought to myself. "I have completely recovered since Master Li purified my body, and I have no symptom of skeletal hyperostosis." I immediately realized that it was Master who was helping me to go through the difficulties. And so I was sent home.

In September 2001, the public security bureau started to illegally arrest Falun Gong practitioners. One morning the chief of the local police station and four or five other policemen forcefully knocked on my door. I started to send forth righteous thoughts. I was very calm. No matter how aggressively they knocked I did not open the door. Two hours later, the police had no other choice but to leave. They went to find my supervisor and brought some others to knock at my door. I still did not open up. They resorted to phoning my child to open the door. When they opened the door and found that I was sending forth righteous thoughts, they became less hostile, pretending that they had just come over to see whether I had gone to Beijing or not. Later I came to know that they arrested over 20 Dafa practitioners and sent them to forced labor camp and brainwashing classes. From this incident, I understood that if you are determined in Dafa and keep your righteous thoughts, Teacher will arrange everything. Dangerous situations will turn out safely.

I will continue to try my best to do well the three things that Master Li has asked us to do, that is: study the Fa, clarify the truth, and send forth the righteous thoughts. I will use the standard of a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner to eliminate any remaining attachments as soon as possible. I will try to understand everything from within the Fa and leave no loopholes for the evil. I will determinedly follow the path arranged by Master Li, and continue to walk alongside my fellow practitioners on the path of validating Dafa with a righteous mind.