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(Clearwisdom.net) According to a report by Epoch Times, on October 6th, The Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice met in New York City. Members held a gathering and a march in the square in front of the United Nations. They also delivered a public letter to the United Nations annoucing a trial against Jiang. Nearly 300 people held banners and boards reading "Bring Jiang to Justice," "China is beginning to investigate Jiang Zemin," "Stop persecuting religious freedom," "Call for human rights in China," "Try the head evil, uphold justice and conscience." They gave speeches exposing Jiang's crimes to the public. They expressed their determination to bring Jiang Zemin to the court of conscience, the court of morality and the court of law.

He Haiying: Global Coalition to Rebuild Human Dignity

At the gathering, Dr. He Haiying, a representative of the Coalition was the first to deliver a speech. He said, "Jiang Zemin murdered the World Economy News and he stole his position of power by trampling on the blood of the students who were massacred on June 4, 1989. He suppressed freedom, persecuted religious belief and dissidents. He clamped down on the media and Internet and deprived people of their right to know the facts. He secretly sold Chinese territory and covered up the truth about the June 4th Massacre. He brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in a campaign of genocide by "defaming their reputation, bankrupting them financially, and destroying them physically." Jiang's depravity and the corrupt force he represents reveal themselves in the large-scale physical annihilation of innocent lives. Even worse, he has poisoned and greatly damaged human morality. The damage of the latter is greater, as it has greater implications and is more destructive. He has used violence and lies to force the Chinese people to give up morality and justice, and even to assist the evil. He has silenced international society with money and diplomatic pressure, and sometimes he even pressured foreign governments into siding with the evil."

He Haiying also stated, "It's been already 13 years. The evil crimes he committed against the Chinese people are too numerous to mention. Since the Chinese regime is still controlled by Jiang's gang of criminals, atrocities are still happening throughout China. Now we step out and establish the Global Coalition To Bring Jiang Zemin To Justice. Our purpose is just to stop his persecution of all Chinese people, to safeguard the dignity and rights of the Chinese people, and to end in China the history of 'if they are not obedient civilians, then they are mobsters.' áWe want to open up a brand new future.

The Coalition has gained active support from individuals and groups from different countries throughout the world representing different languages, colors, beliefs, and ideologies. Among them, about 100 organizations and celebrities have joined the Coalition from the continents of Europe, America, Asia, and Australia."

Ann Noonan: Jiang Zemin must take responsibility for the Chinese people's suffering because of the deprivation of personal and religious freedom

Ann Noonan, the president of the Free Religion Association of China said she agreed with the opinion of Pope Paul II, that religious freedom is the center of human rights. Ms. Noonan worked for NGOs of the United Nations in the 1990's. When she visited China, underground Catholics asked her tohelp Chinese people whose human rights were being deprived. After she left China, she devoted her efforts in investigating such cases.

She said that she obtained documents and witness accounts of incidents that took place during Jiang's rule.

Ms.Noonan said, "My heart ached when I heard the stories of Catholics being beaten, tortured and detained. Doctors who are Catholics were tortured because they refused to perform abortions. A doctor told a story about taking out organs from Chinese prisoners. I collected Chinese government documents, secretly taken videotapes and pictures. They recorded the government destroying churches and persecuting Catholic priests and believers. Under Jiang's rule, the Chinese government workers detained and tortured people with different beliefs including Christians, Catholics, Falun Gong practitioners, etc. [...] We call on the world to demand Jiang Zemin to take responsibility for the Chinese people's sufferings because he took away their religious freedom."

Hu Ping: This voice represents conscience and justice

Hu Ping, the editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring magazine said, "The founding of the Coalition is a significant event. Maybe right now we are not yet able to bring Jiang Zemin to justice, but this voice represents conscience and justice. During the thirteen years of Jiang's rule, he committed countless crimes. Some people defended him, saying Jiang did wrong in suppressing freedom, democracy, independent beliefs and dissidnets, but he improved the economy, so he deserves more credit than blame. This claim is completely wrong. During Hitler's rule, the German economy improved miraculously, so should we forgive him for the Holocaust because of this? In China, it's a one-party autocracy, and there is not even a basic balance of power. The result was shocking and unprecedented corruption. During the "Great Leap Forward" and the Great Cultural Revolution, tens of millions of people were persecuted. At that time, some people applauded the Party, but that was understandable because they didn't know the truth. Today, Jiang's regime does everything against justice and enrages the heavens. If you are abroad, you can learn about it through various information channels. What attitude should you have toward this malicious person? Do you step forward or help the evil?"

Lin Feng: I hope the Taiwanese people join the historic trial

Lin Feng, the famous political commentator spoke on human rights in Taiwan. He said, "Back then, Deng Xiaoping spoke of the 'One country, Two Systems,' and Jiang spoke of the 'Eight Points,' claiming Chinese people won't attack Chinese people. He used military pressure to threaten Taiwan and had a negtive impact on the economic and political development in Taiwan. As the global trial of Jiang is imminent, I hope the Taiwanese people can join and together bring him to the court of history."

Li Dayong: This is the first time in Chinese history that the people are trying a dictator in power

Li Dayong, a representative of the Coalition said, "This is the first time in Chinese history that the people are suing a dictator in power in the form of a trial. Currently, the Global Coalition consists of about 100 organizations and celebrities who have joined the Coalition from the continents of Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Jiang deceives the Chinese people in order to destroy the foundation upon which human existence is based. We will hold the next public trial of Jiang in Houston."

Liu Qing: The Coalition is significant for improving human rights and democracy in China

Liu Qing, the president of China Human Rights said, "Falun Gong is the organization that is suffering the most persecution in China. Falun Gong has made great contributions to society because it improves physical health and practices "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance," which is beneficial for the Chinese society. The Coalition has brought together people from all walks of society. This is very rare in Chinese history. If we persevere, it will have profound impact on the development of Chinese society, human rights and democracy."

Wei Ling: Jiang made our sisters become "northern girls"

Wei Ling, the sister of the famous civil movement activist Wei Jingsheng said, "Falun Gong practitioners have no political interest and no political pursuit. They have noble beliefs but are brutally persecuted. Under Jiang's rule, many Chinese people are forced to leave home and roam about. The women who escaped from Mainland China are called 'northern girls' in Hong Kong and all considered prostitutes by the Hong Kong people. Illegal immigrants to Taiwan have been pushed into the ocean. Hopefully, it won't be too long before the Chinese people can freely believe whatever they choose and they won't have to leave home to avoid illegal arrest."

Tang Baiqiao: The just trial will end the dark age in China

Tang Baiqiao, the president of China Peace said, "After Jiang came into power, he forced all people in the country to take their stand on the June 4th Massacre. Under the barrel of a gun, people sold their conscience. People lost their faith in justice and conscience. For social conflicts, they could only appeal and could not go through legal channels on an equal basis. For Falun Gong practitioners, going to appeal usually means not returning, because most of them will be detained and tortured. Under Jiang's brutal rule, people are even deprived of their right to stand up for justice. The Party bought out the overseas Chinese media to spread hatred. It threatens and beats Chinese people abroad. Its evil nature is not satisfied by only brutalizing its own people in China, as it tries to spread it to the whole world and to become a representative of evil in the world. A just trial will end the dark age in China and China will leave behind the history of fighting autocracy with violence, and make a contribution to human civilization."

After the meeting, representatives of the Coalition delivered a public letter to Mr. Annan, the United Nations secretary-general, asking the United Nations and other countries to stop Jiang's damage against mankind. They also asked for a special court to be formed to try Jiang for his crimes against humanity. Later, attendees of the meetings marched to the Chinese liaison in United Nations. The front gate of the liaison office was locked to block the members from delivering a letter. Mr. Li, a representative of the Coalition told a journalist, "We did not come here to cause a riot, we want to help the Chinese people and to end this persecution as soon as possible. It seems these people's [liaison workers] minds have been poisoned as they don't even dare to accept a letter. It seems we have to make greater efforts in the future to awaken all people, so they will speak out for their basic rights. In fact, the reason why this persecution could happen is because people didn't dare to step forward and speak the truth."