Up to this final stage of Fa-rectification, the remaining evil is using all its might to produce surface-level phenomena in our area. This person is taken away by the police while distributing Dafa material, that person is being followed, this Dafa material production site is being damaged, that Dafa material production site is moving etc., creating a false feeling that the evil is still rampant.

As practitioners we must study the Fa more intensely with a calm heart; we must use the Fa as the yardstick to measure and understand things rationally, and with a clear head. We should face everything with righteous thoughts. From another angle, these phenomena reflect that we have not done the three things Master requires of us well. When we elevate ourselves through Fa-Study, use our righteous thoughts to eliminate all the remaining evil factors, clarify the facts to release people from the control of the lies, these kinds of things will not happen again.