The Wafangdian City Prison in Liaoning Province recently established a brigade especially designed to control and persecute all Falun Gong practitioners detained there. Guards from this unit gathered about thirty practitioners together and designated eighteen special guards to monitor these practitioners. The first thing these special prison guards did was to shave practitioners' heads bald. The practitioners joined together to protest against this persecution by starting a hunger strike. In response, the guards beat the practitioners with such force and violence that a club as thick as a coffee mug was broken over a practitioner's body. These practitioners were also forced by the guards to remain motionless in an uncomfortable crouching position for several hours (which the guards mockingly called "meditation,") and to memorize and recite the prison rules. The practitioners were forced to crouch in this position five times a day. Whoever resisted the forced crouching was placed under tight restrictions and beaten even more cruelly. During this period of time, four practitioners were severely injured by these beatings. Some had broken sternums or broken ribs and some even had internal injuries. The prison guards did not allow any conversation among practitioners and did not allow the practitioners to stand up or o walk around.

The injured Dafa practitioners are Mr. Lu Guozan, Mr. Liu Wanxu, Mr. Gao Hui and Mr. She Yue.

Some of the practitioners who were imprisoned and tortured in Wafangdian City Prison are Mr. Miao Junjie, Mr. Xu Zhibin and Mr. Chen Xin. Before they were arrested they did whatever they were supposed to do as Fa-rectification Dafa practitioners. Many steadfast practitioners have been illegally imprisoned in this Wafangdian City Prison.