(Clearwisdom.net September 30, 2003) Dafa practitioner Ms.Yang Fenglian is an associate professor at Hebei College of Architecture and Scientific Technology. Previously she had cancer and lived a miserable life. Her health recovered only after practicing Dafa. During the four years of persecution, she has been kidnapped and detained many times because of not giving up her belief.

In 2002 before the assembly of The Sixteenth People's Congress of China, several people from the police department and her college smashed windows and forced their way into her home to take her away by force. She was detained for more than ten months. She was released through her family members' efforts. The police extorted 2000 Yuan from them. The long-term detention in jail weakened her health and she also passed blood.

On the morning of September 27, 2003, when she and her daughter just stepped out of their home, two men suddenly appeared in front of them and dragged her into a car. They shut the door and drove away immediately. She was probably sent to a brainwashing session. Details need further investigation. Living under this kind of autocratic society, citizens have no sense of security.

Phone numbers of related people:

College leader,Li,office phone:86-310-7429006,home phone:86-310-7428188

Party secretary , Department of City Architecture,Jiang Bianliang,office phone:86-310-7420750,home phone:86-310-7428300

Security Department Manager,Mao Ruixin,office phone:86-310-7429089,home phone:86-310-7428053

Yang, a bad guy who was in charge of the persecution, office phone: 86-310-7429008,home phone:86-310-7428298

Kanshan District Police Branch Department of Kandan City:

Administration office:86-310-3125370, 86-310-3125361

Branch heads:Liu Wenming, Zheng Guangxin, office phone:86-310-3125352

Section 1 manager:Dang Dianjun (key player of the persecution) phone:86-310-3025366

Station head, Sun Qingfen, at Kaiyuan Police Station of Hanshan Branch, office phone 86-310-6069822 ext. 801