September 22, 2003

( My name is Chen Yuqing; I am a fifty-two year old female Falun Dafa practitioner. I lived at Hedong Street, Yanling Town, Sichuan Province and I worked at the Self-employed Laborers' Association of Weiyuan County. I started practicing Falun Dafa in October 1998. On January13, 2000, abiding by the Chinese Constitution, I went to the Office for Letters and Visitors in Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After I came back, I was detained for 14 days and since then, I was given only a mere 200 Yuan each month as a living expense. In February, the Chengdong Police Precinct of Weiyuan County forced me to attend a two-month brainwashing class. During the class in mid-March, my employers of the Industry and Commerce Department of Weiyuan County saw that the brainwashing class had no effect on me, so they then sent me to Zigong Mental Hospital. But, the hospital refused to take me in. I have never had any history of mental illness or related behavior in my life, and there is no history of mental illness for the past several generations in either my family or my husband's family.

On April 10, 2000, even though my family had repeatedly explained that I had no mental illness, my employers deceived me into going to the Ziyang City Mental Hospital, Sichuan Province. They told me that I was only going there for an examination, but as soon as I set foot in the hospital, they locked me in there. Some nurses in the hospital took my body temperature and checked my pulse, finding it normal. During the afternoon, without a doctor's diagnoses, several people in the hospital pulled me by my hands and my hair and pushed me from behind; they forced me down on a patient's bed. They tied up both my hands and tied my upper body to the bed; they then forced me to take a blood transfusion. They did not untie me even after the transfusion, even when I needed to go to the bathroom. I had to excrete in bed on a bedpan handled by some mentally ill patients. I was tied up for 16 hours every day. At the same time, they forced me to consume a handful of drugs three times a day. I had severe reactions due to the drugs and the transfusion; I felt nauseous and kept vomiting. I was dizzy most of them time. Both my hands and feet felt very weak and I was unable to walk, and I was also losing my memory. I gradually lost my memory of Hong Yin (a collection of Master's poems), which I had memorized very well and recited often.

No one paid any attention to my reactions. I could only talk to those mentally ill patients. After I was untied, when I went to the bathroom I fainted and fell because of my dizziness. Thus two of my front teeth were broken and my lips were injured badly. Due to the reactions from the forced medication, my whole body suffered from problems such as edema, and my face swelled. My eyes also swelled and I could barely see anything. The hospital finally reduced the medication by half the dosage; they stopped my transfusion after three days. My family members strongly requested to take me home, but the hospital turned down the request with the excuse that my employers had committed me so only they had the authority to have me released. After more than twenty days, when my family members saw that I had been tortured beyond recognition, they persuaded me to write two sentences against my will in order to get me out of that evil den. I had to write, "I have changed my attitude, and stopped practicing Falun Gong". My family members took what I had written to the company and asked them to take me back. Even so, the company still did not want to take me back. After many people's numerous requests, the company finally took me back on May 11 (one month later). By that time, I had not slept for one whole week; it could even be said that I had not slept even for one minute that whole week. I was suffering from constipation, both my hands and feet were stiff and I could not move them easily. I could not even keep up with a little child who has just started to learn to walk. My improvement was slow. It took me about 6 months to regain my health from the torture I had to endure.

On the second day after I returned, I asked my employers to give me back the so-called "Guarantee Statement" that I had written against my will when I was helpless. Under a similar situation, another Falun Gong practitioner had been expelled from the company without just cause, and the company also threatened to expel me. I firmly showed them that I would never stop practicing Falun Gong. The company thus expelled me right away.

On January 19, 2001, my employers and the evil police of Chengdong Police Precinct continued to persecute me. When they could not find anything at my home and at my work place, they framed me. They put some Dafa truth-clarifying materials behind the document cabinet in the office, and with that as an excuse, they illegally sentenced me to forced labor for one and a half years without a trial. They also expelled me from the company.

Responsible Personnel and Agency involved in the persecution:

Industry and Commerce Department of Weiyuan County:

86-832-8222138 (office), 86-832-8238937(office)

Guo Shunwen: Former head of the Industry and Commerce Department of Weiyuan County, Party secretary. In 2002, he was transferred to Neijiang City Dongxing District as the deputy head for the Industry and Commerce Department of the district.: 86-832-8223358 (home phone).

Liu Jinquan: Former deputy head of the Industry and Commerce Department of Weiyuan County: 86-832-8225977.

Chengdong area police office phone number for Yanling Town Police Station, Weiyuan County: 86-832-8100882

(Because of my memory loss at that time, I could not remember the detailed information about the doctors and nurses who took part in persecuting me in Ziyang City Hospital.)