The book "Analytical Dissection of Falun Gong" by Fang Zhouzi is a book written to attack Falun Gong as part of the persecution against the practice. This book was banned in the largest public library in Ottawa, Canada this summer.

An Ottawa practitioner expressed her feeling upon hearing the news: "This book will no longer poison the citizens in Ottawa with its hatred and viciousness. The Chinese here especially will not be influenced by it and will therefore be able to form an unbiased understanding of Falun Gong."

The book "Analytical Dissection of Falun Gong" is written by Fang Zhouzi, real name Fang Shiming, and published and released by Hunan People's Publishing Agency in August of 1999. Although not sold in large quantity overseas, in China, this book has sold thousands of copies. Parroting the regime's attitude toward persecuting Falun Gong, this book was welcomed by Jiang's regime. Being an ordinary overseas Chinese, Fang Zhouzi himself also become well known because of his book.

The practitioner continued, "I was shocked when I first read the English translation of this book. It contains a large amount of defamatory language and carries hatred and indecent messages. This kind of work that incites hatred should not be released in Canada. I then came to the Ottawa library, only to find the book here. After the library officials investigated this translated book, they immediately decided to take it off the list."

She also said that Canadian Falun Gong practitioners have started reporting to police and seeking help from three different levels of government officials to prevent such incidents from recurring. Most of the cases involve harassment from Chinese embassies and attacks by other communist-oriented organizations.