(Clearwisdom.net) I know of a fellow practitioner nearby who has improved her environment through righteous thoughts and righteous actions after the persecution of Dafa began in 1999. Here is her story that I want to share with everyone.

Ge Ran [alias] and her husband are both Dafa practitioners. Her husband is an official of the armed police. Since July 20, 1999, the couple has been in charge of the local Dafa materials production site. On January 20, 2002, because the materials production site was exposed [to the persecutors], her husband was arrested and later sentenced to two years of forced labor camp.

Ge Ran kept sending righteous thoughts after the site was exposed. More than a dozen policemen surrounded her house. Four or five of them searched the room; another four or five took away the machine; the rest four or five watched her. She put Dafa books, Master's articles and money aside. Someone came towards her and wanted to take her books. She said sternly, "This is my life. No one is allowed to take this." The police were awestruck. Two of them asked her with good intention, "Can we just take a look?" She handed the books to them. At that time, another evil policeman wanted to take the books as well. Ge Ran said to him, "Sorry, I don't want you to touch them." The policeman maliciously said, "If you don't want me to take a look, I will burn your books." Ge Ran sternly said to him, "You may do so after you have burned me." The police left gloomily.

At the night she was arrested, she was immediately interrogated overnight. At that time, there was only one thought in her mind, "I won't say anything." During the interrogation, the police tried to lure her with human sentiment and said to her, "If you admitted, you husband will not have any charge against him." She clearly saw through their hypocritical kindness and kept clarifying the truth to them. During their three or four hours of interrogation, the police couldn't get anything from her. They started to search her purse and found 10,000 Yuan cash in her purse. She sternly said to them with the force of righteousness, "This is what my husband and I have earned with our hard work. If you dare to take a penny, I will sue you." Her words made them leave the money alone. Then Ge Ran started to send forth righteous thoughts. The police said, "If you want to do the exercises with double crossed legs, do as you will."

After sending forth righteous thoughts, Ge Ran told them that she wanted to go to sleep. They even left her alone without handcuffing her. Ge Ran sent forth righteous thoughts almost the whole night and kept a clear mind and powerful righteous thoughts all the time. Next morning when seeing her sending forth righteous thoughts and doing the exercises, the police didn't say anything at all. They just silently stayed aside and looked at her, and courteously said hello to her after she finished the exercises. At noon the next day, the police let officials from her work unit take her home. They also allowed her to take the Falun Dafa books with her.

In the morning of the third day, four people, including the division director from the security bureau, the director of the politics department, and the director of the "6-10 Office", came with the arrest permission and wanted to take her away. Ge Ran said, "I won't sign it. I have suffered enough of your persecution. I won't go anywhere." She kept sending forth righteous thoughts and decided to never allow them to take her away and never follow any of their orders.

At that time, she just had one thought, of Master's words:

"I am rooted in the universe. If anyone could harm you, he would be able to harm me." (From Zhuan Falun )

She asked them loudly, "You came at the right time. I am going to ask redress for one of my fellow practitioners who has been brutally tortured with five electric batons all at once. I have suffered a lot as well. You are called "officials for the people," aren't you? How can you behave like this? Who is the director of the Party here? Who is the director of the office? Step forward. Let me know who you are!" Nobody there dared to say a word. They even didn't dare to look at her straight or to come close to her.

In the face of her powerful righteousness, they were terrified and didn't dare to stay at her home. They stood in the hallway to discuss what to do. One of the young directors wanted to drag her away. She pointed to him and said, "Do not move!" He sat down on the sofa and couldn't move at all for two hours. He made one comment before leaving, "Continue your practice."

Seeing that they couldn't decide what to do, Ge Ran suggested to them, "If you can't decide, why not call in the deputy of the bureau." The deputy of the bureau had to come. Keeping powerful righteous thoughts, Ge Ran kept clarifying the truth to the deputy and talked about the principles of "Good is returned with good and evil with evil".

After almost five hours of clarifying the truth with her righteous thoughts, the deputy decided to retract the arrest warrant. Through her validating Dafa in this way, both the external environment and the environment in her home (her family members were against her cultivation due to the pressure) were rectified.

Initially they wanted to arrest and charge her. She remains free. Later the court said her case was in the hands of the security bureau but the security bureau said it had been handed to the court. So her case was forgotten.

Since her husband, who was being held in a forced labor camp, was not allowed to see anyone, she kept calling the labor camp to clarify the truth in order to reduce the persecution to her husband.

At the beginning, she was always hung up on immediately. Later, they asked her what she wanted. She also kept clarifying the truth to her husband's work unit. She talked to everyone she met. In the end, as long as she asked, the work unit would assign a car to send her to see her husband.

At the beginning, her husband's work unit didn't want to be involved. She told the director of the politics department, "I will start a hunger strike from today. It is not to threaten you or harm myself. I just want you to pay attention to the issue." At the beginning, they thought it was just a joke. After three days of hunger strike, she came to the work unit to explain again, and they immediately discussed with her and arranged for her to visit her husband.

September 19, 2003