A Child Recovers from an Eye Disease

A homeless practitioner clarified the truth to an old classmate in another town. This former classmate then helped him with some necessities, which allowed the practitioner to continue his work of truth-clarifying and offering salvation to sentient beings. His classmate showed great respect toward Dafa after he understood the truth and asked this practitioner to write out two of Master's poems so that his child could read them. His child, who had suffered from an eye disease for several years, recovered immediately after he read the poems and has never had any problems since. The heavenly principle of "Good is rewarded with Good and Evil meets with Evil" is true.

The More They Hear, the More They Want to Hear

  1. A practitioner clarified the truth to someone who had been deceived by the government's propaganda. The more this person heard, the more he felt that the practitioner was right. He said at last, " It looks like the TV has been broadcasting lies. Please tell me more. The more I hear, the more comfortable I feel. I might practice Falun Gong in the future."
  2. One weekday a middle school student had a severe headache. He felt so dizzy and his face was so pale that he could not remain in school and had to go home. Seeing his son in this condition, his father took out a truth-clarifying flyer and started to read it to his child. After he heard it, the child felt that everything the flyer had said was correct. As a result, all the uneasiness in his body suddenly disappeared, and his face resumed its normal color. His classmates were very surprised when they saw this student return to school. Since then, this student always tells the facts of Dafa to people whenever he has a chance.

No More Tracheitis

One autumn day when I went shopping, I clarified the truth of the persecution to the owner of the shop. She felt strongly that Falun Gong was being unfairly slandered. I left a truth-clarifying flyer with her before I left. Some time later, she saw me and said, "Sister, every year at this time, I get tracheitis, but I did not have it this year. Nor am I suffering from my usual cough and asthma. Is it because I read the flyer?" I replied, "That's right. Falun Gong is so amazing. If you believe that Falun Dafa is good, you will be able to recognize Jiang's political gang's lies and reap your own rewards."

A Couple Practices Falun Gong, the Whole Family Benefits

An old couple in the city of Xing'tai, Hebei Province, practices Falun Gong. In July 2002, their eldest son's feet were severely burned by boiling water. He totally recovered after only seven or eight days. In September 2002, while driving a jeep, their second son turned over in a ditch in order to avoid hitting a tractor. The jeep burst into flames, leaving only its iron frame intact. However, none of the four people in the jeep was hurt. After news of this incident spread, the ordinary people said that it demonstrated that, since the old couple practice Falun Gong, the whole family benefited.

A Son Is Safe and Sound

A son told his father, "Recently, all my friends in class have been suffering from the coal gas fumes." With concern his father asked, "Really? All you are right?" The boy replied with pride, "Only me. I don't feel anything. My other friends all feel dizzy." His mother, who is a practitioner said, "One person practices, the whole family benefits. We should let more people know the truth so they can benefit as well."

The Police Ignore Kind Advice and Get their Cars Vandalized

The evil police from Shai'yuan Police Station, Tai'an County, Shandong Province, have co-operated with the local "610 Office" to search practitioners' houses and arrest them. One day, a practitioner tried to persuade them to stop doing these unjust things so that they would not suffer repercussions, but they did not listen. As a result, that night a disturbed person broke into the police station and vandalized three police cars. The director of the police station, because he did not understand the principle that "good is rewarded with good and evil actions meet evil returns", said "How could this happen since the practitioner is here?"

Only if you treat people nicely will you not have bad things happen to you. The bad people who persecute the good people will definitely suffer some kind of retaliation.

A Victim of Jiang's Political Gang

Wang Rong'xing, a peasant from Bei'tang'ding village, Guangzhong County, Hebei Province, was 40 years old. During the summer of 2002, he was hired to smear Dafa by painting defamatory slogans on village walls. He died during the fall festival season in 2002, an unfortunate victim of Jiang's political gang.