(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2002, Wang Yongxiang, an associate director of Daqing Forced Labor Camp, tried to please his supervisors by forcing Dafa practitioners to give up their belief by torturing them. The labor camp prepared a small cell exclusively for Falun Gong practitioners. Once a Dafa practitioner is put into this small cell, the authorities will torture the practitioner using a variety of inhuman methods around the clock. At the same time, they also promise a reduced sentence to coerce the criminal inmates to torture practitioners to force them to give up their cultivation.

Wang Yingzhou, an associate head of Division One, called himself a devil from hell. He asked inmates Zhao Jinfa and Xing Shuguo to use a type of water torture on Dafa disciple Guo Fadong, they did not let him sleep and poured icy water on his body. They poured 200 basins of water over him without stop in the morning and 200 basins in the evening, as well as torturing him with other means both day and night for as long as 10 days.

Zhang Mingzhu, an associate head of Division Two, handcuffed Falun Gong practitioners to a metal chair and stabbed them with a needle if they did not compromise.

Another torture method used is to strip a person, shackle him on a metal chair and let the person ride on a bar. According to the wicked person Yang Chunyu who invented this method, an ordinary person would not be able to endure this for even half an hour. Dafa practitioner Zhang Shenghui had cold water poured on him for 6 hours straight and lost consciousness twice. Later he was stripped and locked into the metal chair to ride on a bar.

There are reports that Daqing Jail is going to increase the intensity of its persecution before the New Year's Eve, in a concerted effort to force all Dafa practitioners to give up their belief.

Harbin Drug Abuse Recovery Center currently also uses torture like pulling out practitioners hair and other vicious methods to torture Dafa disciples continuously around the clock. It was said that they would also step up their intensity before the New Year's Eve.

We hope that all Dafa practitioners who read this news send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil beings that control the vicious people in other dimensions into persecuting Dafa and Dafa disciples in the Daqing Forced Labor Camp, Daqing Jail and Harbin Drug Abuse Recovery Center, and use righteous thoughts to help all illegally detained Dafa disciples to keep their strong righteous thoughts and get out of the devil's lair as soon as possible.

Vicious People's phone numbers:

Daqing Forced Labor Camp Associated Director Wang Yongxiang: 86-459-4680996 (office), 86-459-4631816 (home), 86-13069642099 (cell phone).

Daqing Forced Labor Camp Division Two phone number: 86-459-4604902. Involved people:

Division head: Wang Xichun

Associate division head: Zhang Mingzhu

Subdivision head: Wang Gang

Political Instructor: Zhang Bo

Daqing Forced Labor Camp Division One phone number: 86-459-4604903. Involved people:

Division head: Lai Zhonghui

Associate division head: Wang Yingzhou

Political Instructor: Wang Junping

December 26, 2002