At present, over 40 Dafa practitioners are still being illegally detained at the Chatou Female Labor Camp in Guangdong Province. Among these detained practitioners, some were only verbally informed of their two-year sentences of labor education (without receiving any legal documents). Even though their terms have expired, the labor camp still won't release them. These practitioners are: Huang Qian, Zhou Lanqing, Tang Yuwen, Zhou Meiling, Zeng Yanhui, Chen Hua, Li Miaonian, Luo Jiangying, Xie Yan, Wu Hua, and Xiao Jian.

Next to the labor camp is the Chatou "Law Enforcement School." It is in fact a brainwashing center. At present, it still holds these following Dafa practitioners over extended periods of time: Yan Haiyu, Deng Fang, Dai Yanhong and Huang Huimin.

The director and general secretary of Chatou Female Labor Camp Xu Xian'gan went to Beijing in order to learn effective methods for torturing and persecuting Dafa practitioners, and he also brought some Beijing collaborators [former Dafa practitioners who have turned against Dafa under intense pressure and torture], Zhang, Yu, and another who dared not reveal his name, over to persecute Dafa practitioners. At the beginning, the collaborators tried to use the fabricated theories to mislead practitioners but failed under the strong righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners. They became furious, and along with the prison guards, started to torture Dafa practitioners. They hung up practitioners leaving their feet barely touching the ground. Among the tortured practitioners Xiao Jian was hung up in this inhumane manner for 11 days. The collaborators hypocritically let the practitioners sit down with their legs crossed to have a rest, then they bound them up tightly. One practitioner was bound tightly into that sitting position for 12 hours. Now all the Dafa practitioners are detained in solitary compartments, without each other's contact. The collaborators yelled, "If you die, nobody will find out, even your deaths will be reported as suicides."

Some evildoers at the Chatou Female Labor Camp:

Xu Xian'gan: the director and general secretary

Liang Huiping: in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong

Hua Shaoxia: the instructor

December 21, 2002