(Clearwisdom.net) Although I attach great importance to sending forth righteous thoughts and manage to do it nearly every hour each day, I often find that the quality of my righteous thoughts is not so good. There are always distracting thoughts interfering with my concentration during this time even though I try hard to keep my main consciousness in total control. This has bothered me for a long time.

Tonight at 6 o'clock, I sent forth righteous thoughts together with Dafa practitioners around the world. When I cleared my mind during the first five minutes, the first line from the formula for the first exercise, "Shenshen Heyi" (Join the Mind and Body Together), suddenly came up in my mind. At that moment, I thought that it would be more powerful if I could send forth righteous thoughts in such a state, so I said to the part of myself that has been cultivated well: "Please stay alert so we can send forth righteous thoughts together." At that moment, I felt the energy inside my body become extremely powerful, and there were no distracting thoughts. This lasted for the entire 15-minute-duration of sending forth righteous thoughts. The above is a personal experience I had in sending forth righteous thoughts.