(Clearwisdom.net) Since September 2002 when Division No.5 was established in Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin, over 130 Dafa practitioners have been persecuted there. Now we will reveal some of the crimes committed by the corrupt police officers.

Shi Changjing, deputy director of the camp, is the principle culprit behind the brutalities. Administration Section chief Wu Jiming is a major assistant. Zhao Shuang of Division No.5 was a gangster before his detention. Two deputy team leaders, Zhang Chunliang and Yang Yu, are active physical abusers. Under the encouragement of Shi Changjing, a dozen criminals in Division No.5 began torturing the practitioners. All newly detained practitioners are sent to Division No.5 first. There, camp police and criminal inmates team up to torture the practitioners using a variety of means:

- Locking the throat (hitting throat with fist until the victim loses his voice).
- Snapping middle finger against the eyeball (this is so painful that victims can't open their eyes for a long time).
- Pulling collarbones with hands.
- Hitting the temples with fists.
- Burning the face and back of hands with cigarette (During a hanging torture, a practitioner's face was burned, leaving severe scars. His eardrum was burned through)
- Burning hands and pubic hair with cigarette lighters (one practitioner lost all his pubic hair).
- Handcuff hanging torture (victim is handcuffed and stretched between two separate beds, his feet barely touching the floor). It's very common to hang up victims for three consecutive days and nights.
- Needle torture on back (Using safety pins to prick one's back until the back is full of bloody holes)
- Needle torture on fingers (They once stuck a needle two thirds of the way into a practitioners' fingernail).
- Push-and-Rock (A special torture that makes many people lose consciousness. It also makes people temporarily crippled).
- Electrify the penis (first spread water then shock the penis with 3 electric batons).
- Grab the scrotum.
- Scratching the back of the hand with the sharp edge of stool legs.

In addition to these severe tortures, the camp officials also force practitioners to squat on a 16 inch by 16 inch square tile from 5 AM to 12AM, facing one direction, hands behind the back. The practitioner cannot look back, and cannot even close his or her eyes. Anyone caught violating the "rules" will be punched, kicked or slapped on the face. Meals are provided in half or one-third of the regular quantity. Maximum bathroom breaks are three times a day. The sleeping space is so cramped that the practitioners must sleep on their sides, sardine style. Anyone caught snoring or coughing will be slapped on the face. The cruel guards are grouped in four, watching the practitioners around the clock, changing shifts every three hours. Every time they change shift, the first thing the new guards do is to beat up every single practitioner crouched on the tiles. During the harshest period, every night people could hear painful cries from Division No.5. Every day, practitioners were being sent to Wanjia Hospital for treatment. You may wonder, why do these criminals treat the practitioners this harshly? Because Deputy Director Shi Changjing told them that for every practitioner they forcefully "transform" (renounce Falun Gong), the abusers' sentence would be reduced by a certain number of days. Shi Changjing also told them to torture practitioners to the extreme. If someone died, they could claim it was suicide so no one would be liable. Indeed, they applied this "rule" to the death of practitioners Li Hongbin (who died in July) and Zhang Tao (who died in August). Both Li and Zhang were force-fed with an unknown drug in the food. After that, they contracted a high fever, together with severe vomiting and diarrhea. Li Hongbin died on his way to the hospital, yet the hospital claimed that he died after emergency treatment. The same conclusion was also drawn by Harbin Number Two Hospital's autopsy.

The following criminals also participated in abusing practitioners: Hao Wei, Wang Yu-Ou and Sun Qingyu of Division No.4; Yang Jintang and Qiang Shengguo of Division No.1; Wang Zhanchao of Division No.3.

December 27, 2002