Xiaoling's (an alias) aunt is a Dafa practitioner. When Xiaoling was 2-3 years old, her aunt let her listen to Dafa tapes and taught her to recite Hong Ying. Later when Xiaoling was 6-7 years old, one day she sincerely told her aunt, "I also want to cultivate, but how?" It was unusual for a young child to say something as such. Thus, her aunt started to teach her how to send forth righteous thoughts. Xiaoling surprisingly broke into tears. Her aunt knew that her divine side was happy for her. She also said, "I have seen Teacher." Her aunt asked her, "What does Teacher look like?" She replied, "Teacher wears yellow clothes and does this (does the hand gestures)." Later on, her aunt taught her the Falun Gong exercises. After doing the exercises for a moment, she told her aunt, "I saw Teacher again. Teacher's hair is curly and he wears yellow clothes, just like this. (She acted as one shoulder revealed) There is a big round-shaped object beside Teacher, glaring bright. There are twin sisters beside Teacher. Teacher told me, "Today is the first time you do the exercises. Be good and work hard. You can also become a Buddha through cultivation, just like them.'" Her aunt saw that she had such a good pre-destined relationship and made a handmade-copy of Hong Ying and put it in her little pocket.

Xiaoling's mother was influenced by the slanderous propaganda and did not believe in Falun Dafa. She also didn't believe what Xiaoling saw was real and even told her aunt that Xiaoling was just fabricating things. Xiaoling very anxiously told her aunt, "It's real. It's true. How could I fabricate such things? I did not lie to you. Otherwise you let her try fabricating something like that."

Her mother did not allow her to practice and even did not allow her to visit her aunt anymore. With these taken from her, however, Xiaoling persevered according to the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. In school, when her classmates bullied her, she would not act madly as she used to. Instead, she showed restraint.

This past August, her aunt went to her home. Xiaoling told her with excitement, "I saw Teacher again sitting on lotus flowers. It's truly beautiful. In fact, it is so beautiful, I don't know how to describe it!" She also recited many poems in Hong Ying. She learned and recited them on her own. Her aunt asked her, "Your mother does not allow you to learn. When did you learn the Hong Ying then?" Xiaoling replied, "I waited until they all went to sleep. Then I recited Hong Ying inside the quilt. Sometimes when I was reciting, my eyes were glared with bright light and all sorts of beautiful colors. There was even something rotating inside." At this, her aunt was almost moved into tears. She thought this child was truly remarkable!

December 26, 2002