I felt very uncomfortable yesterday after talking with a fellow practitioner. It wasn't because of the fact that he pointed out my attachments. It was because I didn't like the way he said it.

I looked within myself and sent out righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad feelings, but in my heart I continued to feel uneasy. This lasted until the next morning when my mother reminded me by saying, "Don't always think things are supposed to be a certain way." I suddenly realized something and an image appeared in my mind: In the endless cosmos there are countless worlds, and each is beautiful and transparent, each has its own characteristics. The great enlightened beings from these different worlds all treat each other with tolerance and respect.

I suddenly realized why I felt uncomfortable about the way the other practitioner had talked to me. The reason is that I have always used my standard and characteristics to measure other people and thus causing myself to have narrow and extreme notions. I was unable to look at the problem from the standpoint of Dafa. When I realized my problem, that uncomfortable feeling disappeared.

On another note, when conflict arises between practitioners, is it because the beings within our different worlds need to go through benevolent resolution and that their deformities must be eliminated?

When practitioners have different views, we should not only treat this with compassion, tolerance and respect, but we also need to put down our own understandings and notions of life and truly understand that different beings have different characteristics within the Fa. After understanding this, practitioners will truly become one body. This is because we are disciples of the Lord of Buddhas and beings within the righteous Fa!

The above is my own experience, please kindly reveal any points which are lacking.

December 23, 2002