On December 2nd, 2002, Dafa practitioners successfully hung up three large banners that read, "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa," and "Rehabilitate Falun Dafa's reputation." The banners were hung on the high-voltage power lines above the front gate and on the pavilion right across from the gate of the Yujiatou Brainwashing Center of Wuchang district, Wuhan city. The practitioners also posted many notes on the iron gates of the brainwashing center and surrounds, and set out truth-clarification materials that revealed the lies in the Chinese media.

In addition, since July 2000, especially during the National Day holidays and the Party's 16th National Congress, Dafa practitioners have never stopped clarifying the truth to people by a variety of means, especially to those people who persecute Dafa directly. They have hung banners up in front of the local government buildings, above the bulletin board with evil lies on it, at some major traffic intersections and commercial areas. They posted notes at bus stops, in commercial areas, in residential areas and on bulletin boards, and delivered truth-clarification materials and CDs to thousands of local residents' homes. All of these activities greatly clarified the truth and exposed the evil.