December 25, 2002

( I am part of the first group of Falun Dafa practitioners illegally sent to labor camps in 1999. I have suffered all kinds of tortures since the first day, October 29, 1999 when I was sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp.

The first day I arrived at Masanjia, I witnessed practitioners being beaten up. On the third day, some practitioners and I started to clarify the truth of the persecution to the police. They would not listen, and instead, the director, Su Jing, along with some male guards and some others beat us up. They even shocked my face with an electric baton.

The next day I was sent to the Women's First Division. The director, Wang Yanping, told me, "Once you enter Masanjia, you can forget about the law or human rights." The lawless police there madly persecuted and forcibly tried to brainwash us ever since January 2000. They shocked us with electric batons, lashed us with steel wires, repeatedly used extreme physical tortures, and used physical coercion to force us to write the so-called guarantee statements. At that time, Falun Dafa practitioners Cui Yaning, Liu Fengmei from Jinzhou City, and Lin Yan from Shenyang City were all electrocuted with electric batons by three police officers for a long period of time. At the same time that they electrocuted Liu Fengmei, they also lashed her with steel wires. They ended up with blisters all over their hands and bodies. The police officers who tortured them were Gu Jinyi, Wang Yanping, and Zhou Qian.

They detained all the steadfast practitioners in a room and forced us to sit on a cold bench for days and nights on end. This kind of persecution lasted 14 days. Falun Dafa practitioners Cui Yaning and Liu Fengmei were forced to squat in a narrow hallway for 14 days and were not allowed to sleep. The police also took all the clothes off of practitioner Zhang Huishuang from Benxi City and electrocuted her over and over with electric batons. Malicious police officer Zhang Yan and Wang Yanping also stripped practitioner Li Suzhen and electrocuted her several times. Afterwards both practitioners Zhang Huishuang and Li Suzhen were forced to stand in solitary confinement for more than 10 days and were not allowed to talk. The evil police also forced us to watch TV programs that slandered Dafa. When we refused, they would beat us or shock us. I was beaten up twice by Wang Yanping. My whole body hurt very badly afterwards. When Chen Liyan passed out due to the beatings, the police poured ice water on her. Because of these tortures, she is not able to see clearly even to this day.

In April 2001, all the Falun Dafa practitioners illegally detained in the Women's First Division sued the Masanjia Labor Camp and Jiang Zemin. The police tore our indictment and threatened to send us to Shenyang City Dabei Jail. They also said that if we dared to sue them again, Jiang Zemin would have us killed.

The police added 40 days to my sentence just on a cruel whim. So altogether I was illegally detained in Masanjia for 3 years and 40 days.