What is our first reaction when we learn that the evil forces are at work? Is it fear, or do we regard ourselves as inviolable divine beings, poised to eradicate them?

Some people are being controlled by the old forces. When they mistreat Dafa practitioners, it is by no means a persecution of humans by humans. Whenever we encounter persecution, it is most imperative that we maintain and steadfastly face the issues with powerful righteous thoughts and send forth righteous thoughts at will to clean up the evil interference from other dimensions at the critical juncture.

Teacher said, "Of course, each one of our Dafa disciples says that we don't recognize the old forces' arrangements, but that's not something you just say--you have to follow the requirements of Dafa and the Fa-rectification. "I absolutely will not acknowledge any of those things you arranged in the past, old forces. I don't even acknowledge you." When your righteous thoughts are very strong you can purge it and you can reject their arrangements. (Applause) And that's because we absolutely cannot acknowledge them." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.")

With Fa rectification reaching this stage, we must regard ourselves as great beings, and treat everything from the perspective of the Fa. We reject the old forces' arrangements, not for the sake of personal loss or gain, but for Fa-rectification. For example, some practitioners going on a hunger strike in the detention center accomplished their objectives, while others could not. Besides factors such as each person's cultivation path, a more significant factor was why they went on hunger strike. Did they go on hunger strike to avoid facing more severe persecution, or so that they could break out of the detention center to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings? This is a key distinction. We can accomplish the goal of thoroughly rejecting the old forces' arrangement only if, during our tribulations and tests, we resolutely let go of every consideration for "self" and look at everything from the perspective of Fa rectification and saving sentient beings. Of course, if we cannot regard ourselves as magnificent, righteous divine beings capable of eliminating all evil in the universe, we can easily be swayed or interfered with by our human notions, and end up feeling insignificant, powerless and helpless in front of the seemingly overwhelming evil forces.

At the crucial moment, whether or not one can go from a Fa rectification disciple's standpoint to comprehend the issues will directly impact the outcome. We must establish in our minds indestructible righteous thoughts, the kind of righteous thoughts that are so strong they can permeate every part of our own universes. We are Fa rectification disciples; the old forces who face elimination are not qualified to test us. Not only do we reject the old forces' arrangement; we don't even acknowledge the old forces themselves, because they have chosen to follow a deviated path and resist Fa-rectification. Besides, Teacher had already bestowed upon us the great divine power to eradicate all evil. When I display this righteousness from the bottom of my heart, I discover that my cultivated side instantly assumes the dominant role, and my human side truly experiences the real meaning of what an omnipotent, righteous god is.

Furthermore, as Teacher said, "As Dafa disciples, you shouldn't place your hopes in so-called naturally occurring changes, external changes, ordinary society's changes, or favors that somebody may give us. You are in fact Gods, you are in fact the rulers of different universes of the future, who would you place your hopes in? Sentient beings are all placing their hopes in you! (Applause)" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") Let's get rid of the mindset that allows us to rely on chance, and instead use our righteous thoughts to create an environment for Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.

Therefore, let us not overrate the evil's superficial menacing appearance, but rather, let's bring the incomparably determined and pure righteous thoughts of the Lord Buddha's disciples into full play. To eliminate the persecution and save more sentient beings, let us fundamentally eradicate the arrangement of the old forces.

The above is my personal understanding for everyone's reference. Let us all take the Fa as our teacher.