In the beginning of January 2002, Falun Dafa practitioner Sun Xiucai was tortured to death in Linqing City Detention Center in Shandong Province.

Sun Xiucai, 50 years old, lived in Songbei Village, Songlin Town, Linqing City, Shandong Province. She obtained Dafa in 1995, and her body and mind both improved a great deal during her 7 years of cultivation. She learned how to be a better person. She was always strict with herself while being kind to others. She was well received by the people around her.

In December 2001, in order to let more people know the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa and to help save sentient beings, Sun Xiucai passed out truth clarifying materials. A misguided citizen turned her in. She was arrested in a friend's home that night. A policeman named Li Jianmin brutally beat her with a rubber nightstick. Sun Xiucai held firmly to her righteous thoughts. She did not speak one word. The police were at their wits' end, so they sent her to a detention center.

We were informed that Sun Xiucai never woke up after losing consciousness, presumably after a beating in the detention center. Due to information being blocked by the authorities, we do not have any further information.

Li Jianmin's phone number is 86-635-261-4017.