Written on December 23, 2002


When I went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong, the local police illegally detained me in the Shizishan Drug Rehabilitation Center in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Below is a personal account of the inhumane tortures that other Falun Gong practitioners and myself suffered there.

The Shizishan Drug Rehabilitation Center assigned three drug addict criminals to monitor us 24 hours a day and to try and break our wills. The criminals closely watched every movement and action we made, and often cursed, kicked and beat us if we tried to talk to each other. Whenever the practitioners closed their eyes, the criminals would shout and curse at them, saying, "Are you reciting your Teacher's articles?! If so, you are asking for a beating!"

The policemen also forced us to do "morning training" (various types of physical exercises). Those who didn't do it well were beaten and kicked or forced to stand with their backs against the wall for long periods of time. The police would place a piece of newspaper between their heads and the wall, and between their buttocks and the wall, as well as between their two feet. If the practitioners slouched a bit and the newspaper fell to the ground, the practitioners would be beaten.

The policemen were afraid that their evil deeds would be exposed, so they isolated practitioners into separate rooms with the excuse of wanting to talk with them. Once in the rooms, they would beat the practitioners and use various devices to torture them. We could hear the screams from a distance away. The practitioners were always covered in bruises and injuries after they came back from the rooms. Every day was full of insults, intimidation, and fierce beatings. The police even restricted the time that we could use the toilet. When practitioner Li Ying asked to use the toilet, the policemen made her leave before she was finished, so she was forced to soil her trousers. After she went back to her cell, the criminals beat her again.

There was a thorough search in the drug rehabilitation center every month. During the search, everyone in the dorm had to take off all of their clothes, including their underwear. If any Dafa articles or information were found hidden in a practitioner's cloths, he/she would be beaten and tortured.

When officials at the Shizishan Drug Rehabilitation Center saw that the practitioners were firmly resisting the persecution and refusing to give up practicing Falun Gong, they sent 40 of the determined practitioners to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp. The Shayang Forced Labor Camp has a completely closed management system. All information about what happens in the camp is isolated from the outside and no one is allowed to come in or out without permission. The first test we encountered there was an attempt to force us to write a "pledge" promising to give up practicing Falun Gong. Whoever refused to write the "pledge" was beaten and shocked with electric batons until they were covered with cuts and bruises.

I resisted the beatings with righteous thoughts and firmly refused to write the "pledge." Later, the police made us watch propaganda videos defaming Dafa and tried to force us to write "thoughts after watching" articles to defame Dafa. Those who refused to write the articles were not allowed to sleep. When the policemen tried to force me to write one, I refused and said loudly, "The cultivation of Dafa is completely voluntary and is never forced, yet you try and force me to write articles that attack Dafa. Isn't it clear who is good and who is evil?" They knew that they were wrong and saw that I was very determined, so they gave up. After that, the policemen and criminals had relatively good attitudes towards me. But the police forced those who gave in and wrote the "pledge" to also write "exposing and attacking" articles every day, and after they wrote such materials, they also had to recite them every day.

As the labor camp is isolated from the outside, the practitioners could not study the Fa and were beaten and tortured for a long period of time. They didn't allow practitioners to sleep for several days and nights so as to make their minds muddleheaded and remain in a state of fatigue and confusion. Under these extreme circumstances, some practitioners caved in and turned against Dafa. Now, whenever new practitioners arrive at the labor camp, more than a dozen brainwashed practitioners surround them and shout lies at them defaming Dafa.

The brainwashed practitioners include: Yuan Yizhen, Zhang Fengqin, Feng Xiuhua, Ke Tangfen, Ke Xuezhi, Wei Qiao, Hu Jianhua, Hu Jianjun (has since regained his senses and come back to cultivation), Xu San, Xu Qing, Li Honghe, Xu Hechi, Li Baozhi, Yang Huibiao, Deng Danli, etc.