December 24, 2002


Every time I see fellow practitioners tirelessly doing truth-clarifying tasks, I am deeply touched by their compassion and responsible attitude to sentient beings. Practitioners from our practice site have been doing a lot of truth-clarifying work for the past three years. But how many local Chinese people have learned the truth about Falun Dafa? Honestly speaking, I dare not even imagine the scenes of when Fa-rectification arrives in this world. There are often even no practitioners in many areas.

Under the circumstance that there is a severe shortage of helping hands, but there are so many things that we urgently need to do, how can we effectively help the precious Chinese people realize the truth about Falun Dafa? I recall a line in the article, "To Fellow Practitioners" (Upper left corner of Clearwisdom website) that reads: "We should make our truth-clarifying material so that, after being given out, people are happy to read it and pass it from one person to another, reaching a chain-reaction and unstoppable result."

If people are willing to help us convey the information about Falun Dafa to their friends and relatives, isn't it wonderful for themselves, as well as for others? It would be good if we could put more effort into making truth-clarifying materials more attractive, so that people are stimulated to read and hear more about the Dafa.

When I was handing out truth-clarifying literature, I ran into the following situation on several occasions. When friendly Chinese people took the persecution information from my hands, they would immediately become fearful. Even though the facts about the persecution are the truth, the way that we lead people to realize the truth could instead create obstacles for ordinary people.

Let us think about the approach our Teacher has used to save us. Although this earth is so dirty, instead of trying to save us from this angle, Teacher let us experience and realize how beautiful our cultivation practice is. Even though there are tribulations on our cultivation path, compared with the happiness we can experience from cultivation practice, we would still choose to cultivate without any hesitation.

Can't we also help sentient beings realize that although Falun Dafa has suffered brutal persecution and has been badly defamed, Falun Dafa is actually so wonderful and beautiful?

During the past three years, our websites, newspapers, radio stations and TV stations have accumulated very rich materials. If we could make an effort to sort out this information, we could save time and energy by not having to create completely new materials.

For example, it is a very good method to reveal the truth through VCDs. In modern society, people live with high speed in their daily lives. They usually prefer not to read very serious or tedious articles, particularly lengthy ones, in their spare time, unless something really interests or closely concerns them. By contrast, TV programs and movies with vivid content and images are more readily acceptable to ordinary people. At present, we have set up our own TV stations in only a few countries. We have already accumulated many good truth-clarifying programs, so there should be no problem for us to produce various rich and colorful truth-clarifying VCDs, if we will make the effort to select and edit these TV programs.

As an example, the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, and we could edit some programs to display the beauty of Falun Dafa, with elegant cover material, expressing joy and happiness. These VCDs could be sent to people as New Year gifts. After watching these VCDs, people would naturally obtain positive images about Dafa.

I remember one time I loaned the videos, "The First Musical Performance By Falun Gong Practitioners" and "Maya Culture," to a lady who was going back to China. When she returned the videotapes to me, she said sincerely that Dafa is so good that she would help her relatives learn the truth, and once the image of Falun Gong was rehabilitated, she would practice it, too. When people realize how wonderful Falun Dafa is, all the lies spread by the evil forces are cancelled out. Of course, we should also keep making better VCDs that expose the persecution.

In addition, when we are making truth-clarifying materials, we could also ask for suggestions and opinions from fellow practitioners who have non-practitioner family members. These practitioners may have a better understanding of everyday people's feelings. Their suggestions could be very helpful for us to communicate better with those people.

Practitioners in China have been able to clarify the truth to sentient beings in very considerate and careful ways, even under very difficult circumstances. They have designed so many beautiful calendars, VCD covers, etc. Through their example, we overseas practitioners can increase our efforts and continue to improve.