Written on December 23, 2002


For a long period of time, I noticed that some practitioners at our practice site didn't pay much attention to Fa study. This was a serious phenomenon. About a year ago, I came into contact with an elderly doctor at our practice site. She read Master's new articles twice at the most, and didn't read much of Master's books, either. Her husband kept a close eye on her and restricted her as if she were in a detention center. When I talked to her about the Fa-rectification period, she didn't seem to understand. Even though she had stepped forward to validate Dafa, she didn't have a clear concept of the Fa-rectification and remained in the state of personal cultivation. I talked to her for a long time. She told me she had confidence to break away from her husband's restrictions; however, the moment she went back home, she again lost heart, and I think it was because she didn't take studying the Fa seriously.

One night, I had a dream. A ghost escorted this elderly woman to see me. It then said, "I have to take her away." I replied, "No, you can't. She has given me tremendous support. Why do you have to take her away?" (In order to prevent her from going to Beijing to appeal, her husband didn't allow her to have any money. Therefore, she saved money, starting with 5 Yuan [about half a dollar]. When she had saved a little, she would ask someone to give it to me because I had been forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. That's why I had said she gave me tremendous support.) The ghost continued, "First of all, she doesn't study the Fa. Look!" All of a sudden, one of Master's books appeared in front of the elderly woman. The ghost asked her to read it, but she refused. It then attempted to force her to read and the lady struggled. I was dumbfounded at the scene. The ghost looked at me seriously. It was about to take her away and I said in a hurry, "Give her some more time. Let's wait for a while and see." The ghost helplessly disappeared. After I woke up, I wanted to immediately go and tell the lady about the dream, but I was unable to contact her. Just then, a practitioner called and said, "The elderly lady has been reported to the police by someone and the police are looking for her everywhere. She is in hiding now and can't go home." Nothing is accidental. Master was so benevolent to her and tried to have her enlighten through my dream. Master also created opportunities for me to inform her of the situation through someone else. For saving us, Master is "Taking care of all human affairs, Looking after heavenly suffering." ("Colder in Higher Places" from Hong Yin). How can we not follow Master's teachings! I have now lost contact with this person and haven't heard anything about her recently.

There is an eleven-year-old girl whose mother and grandmother are Dafa disciples. Her grandmother often urged her to study the Fa. Later when the grandmother was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution, the girl slacked off in her Fa-study. One night I dreamed of this child. There was a long black rope around her neck, from which a key was hanging. She was wearing a black funeral outfit with white edges along with a pair of white shoes. I called out, "Little girl, do you have Master's recent article, 'Righteous Thoughts'?" No matter how I called, she was unable hear me. In the end, I said, "Come! Come to me!" She was not far away from me. However, when she started to walk towards me the ground under her feet suddenly changed into a muddy pit. She was stuck there and couldn't get out. After I woke up, I asked my husband to go to her mother's company and tell her about the dream. Someone collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] had visited her company many times. She was so afraid that she was telling everybody that she had quit practicing. When my husband asked her about her daughter, she said that when she asked her to study the Fa, she would cry and refuse. My husband told her about the dream I had and she was shocked. She then became a little more clearheaded and asked where to get some Dafa flyers and other Dafa books to read. She seemed regretful.

Let's review Master's article "A Suggestion;"

"Some of the people who have obtained the Fa and, at this human surface, come to know the meaning of the Fa, have had their lives extended through the Fa; some of them have received all kinds of benefits, such as good health, harmony in the family, indirect benefits to their relatives and friends, a reduction of their karma, and even Master's bearing things for them. In other dimensions, their physical bodies are being transformed into God-bodies. Despite this, when Dafa is about to consummate you, you are unable to step forward from humanness, and when the evil persecutes Dafa you are unable to stand up to validate Dafa. These people who only want to take from Dafa and not give for Dafa are, in the eyes of Gods, the worst beings. Moreover, this Fa is what's fundamental in the cosmos, so those people who are still unable to step forward today will be weeded out after this tribulation is over. Many of them are people who have strong predestined relationships. This is why Master has waited and waited."

Let us remember what Master says, "The Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." ("Drive Out Interference"). Let's follow Master's teachings and be good disciples.