Dear Government Representatives in China,

There is no need to spread lies. The people of China are discovering the truth, and only through truth and justice will there be stability and peace. Out of concern and care for the people of your country, I wish to share a story that I heard from China.

A Chinese government worker asked me, "I just want to know the truth--is Falun Gong good or not?" I am a Western Falun Gong practitioner and I met this person in a chat room. At first, he did not believe that Falun Gong practitioners were being beaten in the labor camps in China. As time went by, I sent more articles and VCDs and he began to question, "Really?--Is this really the truth?" One question concerned him: he could not believe that policeman would stoop so low as to beat and torture practitioners. He would say, "I just cannot believe it, I will have to see it with my own eyes." This person was determined to seek the truth, and through his courage, he found the truth. What follows is his written response to a letter I wrote him.

Dear Friend,

"I received your letter on Dec 10 last week. Sorry for my delay in writing you back. I am very busy these days, so I have no time to chat with you on net. But I do want to talk with you. You know you have given me a new point of view. Everyone in China wants to have a peaceful life and real freedom. We hope we can have free speech, but it's so difficult in China, because we don''t have any real human rights. What can we do? We really don't know. Last time I promised to tell you why I am interested in what you said. Now I can tell you the reason. I have a good friend. Her whole family practices Falun Gong. She told me that since her parents began the practice, they feel so great. They are in good health, so they don't want to stop, and they feel they know the real meaning of life now. They are kind-hearted. They help people who want to practice Falun Gong. Everyone likes them. But then they were told that to practice Falun Gong is illegal. If they still do it, they 'll be sent to prison. I told them: "If you really think it is good for your health, you can practice it in your own home and don't let the others know it." But her sister didn''t listen to my advice. She still practiced it in public and talked about it, so she was put in prison by the police. The whole family does not understand why the government would do such a thing. In fact I don't know how to help them. I am very sympathetic with them. That's why I am interested in what you say. I just want to know the truth--is Falun Gong good or not?"

This person works for a high level official in China. In the past he was often told to slander Dafa in television and newspaper reports. He said that, in retrospect, he never felt good about it. Upon being confronted with the real story of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, he could not believe it, and he wanted to see evidence of the beatings and torture with his own eyes.

One day, many high-level officials from his department all went to a prison to hold a press conference. This was a great opportunity for him to learn the truth. At the labor camp, a government official gave a speech slandering Dafa, and it was broadcast on television. During the conference, several practitioners were forced to speak. I think it was no coincidence that one of the practitioners called to speak was the sister in the family that he knew so well. He asked one solemn question to his friend, "Are you okay?" She said that she had been beaten and forced to tell lies on television and threatened with permanent imprisonment if she refused.

This person now knows the truth. After searching for the true story, he saw the deception and manipulation with his own eyes. Now he is taking a stand for justice and telling the truth he learned. Before, he was following the orders from an official to slander Dafa. But now, from his own heart, he is letting people know the truth. He passes out VCDs to others and tells his friends how practitioners are forced to lie on television. He tells his friends how he witnessed the whole process of deception. He is now searching for a CD burner to make more and more VCDs for all his friends. He even had the courage to put a Falun Gong VCD in a high-level official''s mailbox. Everyone thought it was from Falun Gong outside, but actually it was from an employee working in the same department.

Leaders of China, can''t you see that people are waking up, and not falling into the traps set by Jiang''s gang anymore? Even your employees that are not practitioners are spending their own time and money for justice. We all want justice, shouldn''t you be the leaders of justice, and not the leaders of lies and deceit?

Leaders of China, the truth will set you free. Practitioners do not care for your power, money, or fame, they only want the freedom to exercise and meditate in the park. Jiang is leading his followers down a path which makes them look foolish. I wish the best for all the officials in China and hope that you also will stand for justice and peace.

A Western Falun Gong practitioner in the U.S.