"The whole world knows about it"

One day, a Dafa practitioner was chatting with one of his former classmates; as soon as the practitioner mentioned that Jiang had done a most evil deed, his classmate responded, "I know. He has persecuted Falun Gong. The whole world knows about it." The classmate then mentioned that he had been on a trip to the US sometime ago and was deeply touched. Before they went abroad, all the members of the group had to go through "pre-trip preventative education" in a public security agency; there they were warned not to read the truth-clarifying posters displayed by Dafa practitioners abroad; there were also special agents in the groups to intimidate the group members from contacting Dafa practitioners and from accepting truth flyers after they arrived in the US. When they were in the US, they could only look at the posters from far away; they dared not to approach the posters or accept materials. Even with this restriction, they were greatly awakened. The classmate said with sincerity, "'Truthfulness, Benevolence, Tolerance' is extremely powerful; Jiang has no way to block it."

"Don't make more trouble for the company's leaders"

The husband of a fellow practitioner is a vice president of a company; he knows that Dafa is good and he has continuously supported his wife in her practice of Falun Gong after July 20, 1999.

When Dafa practitioners placed a lot of VCDs and truth-clarifying material in the residential area of the company, the head of the residential committee brought some materials to the vice president (who is in charge of security of the company) and asked him for instructions [on how to respond to the situation].

This vice president saw the situation and said, "You should think more carefully; if you don't want to read the material, leave it there and don't take it; if you want to read it then take one and read it; do not make more trouble for the company's leaders. They [Jiang's regime] are pushing an 'implication' policy [a system in which the work units' leaders are held responsible for anyone practicing Falun Gong in the work units]; if you report it to the leaders, then what should the leaders do? If we don't do anything, we are worried about the pressure from them [Jiang's regime]; if we do something, there will be no end to it; won't this interrupt the normal functioning of the leaders? The leaders don't want any more trouble either." The head of the residential committee understood right away. From then on, the head of the residential committee pretended to be unaware of the situation, and so did the security section of the company.