When my son reached the age of seven, he suddenly started to blink his eyes repeatedly, and this soon became more and more frequent. The doctor prescribed him the best eye drops that he had, but it was useless. Soon his mouth became distorted. The doctor said that he would only be able to continue in life by taking medicine and that it was very difficult to thoroughly cure my son's illnesses. With one piece of hope, I took him to every big hospital for treatment. During the treatment, he started to cough, which was so frequent that it could be counted using seconds. A few days later, he started to frequently urinate. He was unable to control his flow of urine and thus he would frequently urinate a bit. My husband and I took him around all the hospitals situated in Shenyang City to look for treatment. A doctor said, "This medicine needs to be taken for a year, two years or maybe even for three or four years. The illnesses of this child develop very fast, in the beginning he started to frequently blink his eyes, following that, his mouth became crooked, then he started to cough and would frequently urinate. In the next stage he shrugged his shoulders, scolded people, and finally he will develop paralysis of the whole body." After hearing the doctor's words, my last strand of hope was lost.

After returning home, my husband and I had a discussion and decided to let my son practice Falun Gong with me. Since then, my son and I would read the main book of Falun Gong, Zhuan Falun together after he came home from school. When he did not have time to read, I would tell him, "You must listen to Teacher Li and be a good person. Now you should be a good student, don't fight with your schoolmates, don't scold people, and study hard." He read Zhuan Falun and practiced the five sets of Falun Gong exercises, and all of his symptoms started to diminish. By the fifth day he had recovered completely. Since then, after he has finished his homework and his dinner, he took the initiative to go out and practice the exercises and he also attended the Fa----study at a fellow practitioner's home. His academic record was always very good.

After July 20, 1999, the environment for group Fa----study and practicing the exercises was destroyed by the evil. My son said, "Mom, I want to go outside and practice the exercises with the others." Now, when I hand out Falun Dafa truth----clarification materials, he also comes with me and wholeheartedly joins the immense current of Fa----rectification. I thank our great Teacher for his compassionate salvation that he has given to us. I also want to tell people about how I have witnessed Falun Dafa's miraculous effects. My son has now had a healthy and joyful life for the past six years.