Li Aimin, the present Associate Director of Beijing's Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp is in charge of discipline. He has independently plotted many atrocious acts of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. Before coming to Tuanhe in November of 2001, he was the associate director of Beijing's Division of Dispatchment of People Sentenced to Forced Labor Camps.

[Background: Beijing's Division of Dispatchment of People Sentenced to Forced Labor Camps is a place that gathers people sentenced to forced labor "re-education" (including Falun Gong practitioners) from various places for temporary detention, ranging from half a month to two months. The purpose is to give detainees inhuman, so-called "education of camp discipline." Then, the males will be transferred to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp and the females to Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp. The division was established in June 2000. It consists of four squadrons, the first three squadrons are for male detainees and the fourth squadron is for female detainees. There are four squads in a squadron and more than 30 people in a squad. In the summer of 2001, on the right hand side of the playground (at the right bottom of the sketch map) three buildings were constructed as housing for the first, second and third squadrons. Building1 and 2 have inner and outer iron gates and the fourth squadron was located on the right hand side of the Iron Gate # 2. In December 2001, the Division moved into the new buildings.]

Especially between June 2000 and June 2001, the whole division while under the direction of Li Aimin became a special place for brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

As soon as practitioners who were sent from the detention centers entered Iron Gate #1, the iron gate immediately closed automatically. About twenty policemen standing on each side formed two lines, each with an electric baton in hand, sandwiching practitioners between them. Then, they shouted out orders. "Stand, walk without your head being cocked, lower your head so you can see your toes, and put your hands before your belly. Now squat on your heels, cross the fingers of both hands and hold your head with two hands at the back of your head, with your two elbows inside both legs. Raising your head is absolutely prohibited." If anyone dared to disobey, the policemen would jump on him and rampantly shock him with the electric batons and kick him. Once when a female practitioner didn't lower her head, a fierce and malicious policewoman rushed towards her and kicked her breast causing her to fall down. Then, the policewoman grabbed the practitioner's hair and dragged her on the ground for more than ten meters. The policewoman had torn a handful of hair out of the practitioner's scalp, and at the same time decided to beat her brutally. There was a ruffian called Li Changsuo, who used very malicious means. For any practitioner who didn't lower his head, he would suddenly deliver a "chop" to the practitioner's neck with both his palms, causing the practitioner to lose consciousness and fall down to the ground.

Another form of persecution was to try to force a practitioner to write a "letter of guarantee" promising to give up the practice of Dafa. Every practitioner must write it. For any practitioner who refused, they immediately beat, kicked, and shocked him or her with electric batons in an unbridled way. If this didn't work, they would tie the practitioner on a bed or chair and shock him or her with electric batons, and try to hold his or her hand to write a "letter of guarantee."

In addition, everyone must wear red prison uniforms and shout out "reporting" many times before he or she could enter the squad. Seeing the terror in the division, all non-practitioners who had newly arrived trembled with fear. Some of them were so frightened that they wet their pants and were paralyzed with fear. You could hear everywhere the sounds of crackling electric batons burning people's skin, stern voices cursing, victim's screams of pain, and sometimes the shouting of "reporting" for a hundred times as a punishment for those who did not shout out "reporting" aloud. Each policeman had an electric baton in hand and could do whatever he liked. All that was going on around here was just violence.

What is described above is only the situation on the first day when one enters the division. The division is encircled with high walls, on which there is electrified wire netting. The division's iron gates are always shut, so that no one from outside would know of its existence. Right before foreign reporters visited Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp between March and April of 2001, all people imprisoned there were ordered from the division through the squad that they were absolutely forbidden to disclose to any reporter the existence of the division.

(To be continued)

We ask that all practitioners who have escaped from Tuanhe and Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camps step forward. Pick up your pens to make known to the world your experience of persecution. Reveal to the public the truly evil faces of Beijing's Division of Dispatchment of People Sentenced to Forced Labor Camps, Beijing's Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, Beijing's Xin'an Forced Labor Camp for Women (transferred into Beijing's Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp), and Beijing's Tiantanghe Training Center for the Legal System. Expose their monstrous lies that deceive the world's opinion. All of those lawbreaking policemen will be punished according to law.