(Clearwisdom.net) The lives of over a thousand Dafa practitioners in Shenyang City Dabei Prison, Liaoning Province are in danger.

Under the order from Jiang's regime, "Beating [Falun Gong practitioners] to death is nothing, it [the death] is counted as suicide." To date, among the Dafa practitioners I know personally, more than 10 have been tortured to death, and yet all their killers still remain at large and are continuing to commit crimes as they are lured by fame and gain. The following are some of their crimes:

  • They would send Dafa practitioners straight to a secret room (used specially for torturing Dafa practitioners) for cruel torture upon their arrival at the prison, and would shock them with electric batons for a long time until they pass out.
  • Dafa practitioners were handcuffed with one hand over their shoulder. They were then tied up on an iron bed and not allowed to go to the toilet. They had to urinate and defecate in bed, and for days they were soaked in their urine and feces. They were not allowed to change clothes and were given no food to eat. They were let loose and sent to the hospital only when their lives were in danger as a result of such torture. The criminals then demanded medical expenses from their families.
  • They would tie up Dafa practitioners at a particular place and would leave them there unattended for days.
  • Dafa practitioners are forced to squat in one position all day long. They are under the watch of criminals and are not allowed to move.
  • Criminals are instigated to beat up Dafa practitioners. If they refuse to do so, they [the criminals] would be beaten by the evil guards themselves, their terms would not be reduced or they would have their money confiscated.
  • They force-feed Dafa practitioners with nerve-damaging drugs and then send them to the "insane team."
  • They forbid Dafa practitioners to telephone or write to their families, and refuse visits from their family members for no reason. They forbid practitioners to tell their families the truth about the persecution, and there are always evil guards present during family visits. They forbid practitioners to write down anything or talk to other practitioners and ask other criminals to scold practitioners at will.

Presently, many practitioners are suffering heart diseases, high blood pressure, water in pleura, pleurisy, kidney failure, hemiplegia, bodily edema, etc. and their conditions are very serious. Their lives are in imminent danger. However, Dabei Prison would rather let Dafa practitioners die in prison than release them on bail for medical treatment. If Dafa practitioners' families insist on bail, they would be refused visits, and the prison would demand medical expenses from their families. What is more, the prison has stipulated that guards would get promotions and awards as long as they can force out a "repentance letter" or "breaking-way letter" from Dafa practitioners, no matter what means they use and regardless if a Dafa practitioner is alive or dead.

The evil ruffians have obtained fame and gain at the expense of Dafa practitioners' lives and their blood and screams under torture. They are utterly devoid of conscience and will not be tolerated by heavenly principles. The evil beings are trying their best to block their evil crimes from being known to the public. We urgently appeal to international human rights organizations to help rescue the practitioners detained in Shenyang City Dabei Prison, whose lives are in grieve danger. At the same time, we hope that Dafa practitioners around world send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions that are manipulating the evils to persecute Dafa practitioners, and to rescue these fellow Dafa practitioners being persecuted.