(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Yu Ming, a male 30 years old, was the owner of a Fashion Business in Shenghe District, Shengyang City, Liaoning Province. On January 1, 2001, he was arrested in Beijing while telling the public the facts of the persecution of Falun Dafa. In the detention center, policemen brought Yu Ming to a room at night. The room was full of iron chains, shackles, and instruments used for torture. Once in the room, the policemen cuffed his hands and shackled his feet. Then they sent him to a cell and directed prisoners to beat and verbally abuse him.

In March 2001, Yu Ming was taken to No.2 Division in the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing. Collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] tried to persuade him to give up his belief; at the same time he was verbally attacked an criticized by the group. From the end of the year 2000 to the beginning of 2001 marked the period when the evil in the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp expressed itself most viciously and the persecution of Dafa practitioners, fabrications and cover-ups were rampant. Dafa practitioner Lu Changjun's lower back was broken in a beating. The policemen tortured Wu Jun for a long period of time by shocking him repeatedly with an electric baton, which caused him to suffer a mental collapse. The authorities pierced Dafa practitioner Wei Rutan's fingertips with needles.

When the weather began to get hot in May, Yu Ming's feet began to fester very badly. He was forced to stand under the sun for hours and not allowed to move. Wang Jiping and other Dafa practitioners were forced to stand under the hot sun at the same time. After a few hours of exposure to the burning sun and hot temperatures, the deputy division chief--Ni Zhenxiong called Yu Ming into an office. Because of both heat exhaustion from having stayed under the burning sun for a long time and his festering feet, Yu Ming couldn't keep balance after he entered the room and he pitched forward onto the floor. Deputy division chief Ni Zhenxiong came up and beat and kicked him. Ni Zhenxiong once showed up on a featured program on CCTV where he had received an "Excellent Policeman" award; however, he was in reality very vicious towards Dafa practitioners. He took a practitioner to a small room of the strict control team and relentlessly used an electric baton to shock him for several hours in order to force him to give up his belief. Ni Zhenxiong dragged Yu Ming up, beat and cursed him, and cuffed Yu Ming's hands to the guardrail, then used the electric baton to repeatedly shock Yu Ming. Yu Ming remained firm in his belief.

Ni Zhenxiong removed Yu Ming's handcuffs, grabbed his ankles and dragged him along the ground. He dragged him face-down from the second floor to the first floor. He was pulled for several hundred meters. Yu Ming's clothes were torn from being dragged. He still didn't renounce his belief. Later, other people at the scene asked Ni Zhenxiong to drag Yu Ming back to the office. He told others not to talk about this incident. In the office, Ni Zhenxiong started to shock Yu Ming again. When he saw it wasn't achieving any result, he became furious and out of control, then rushed up and desperately twisted Yu Ming's arm behind his back. This time, Yu Ming tried to struggle hard in the opposite direction. When Yu Ming's arm was at the point of being broken, Ni Zhenxiong suddenly realized what he was about to do and became very scared and let go. Yu Ming considered reporting this incident and Ni Zhenxiong became frightened. If this incident were exposed, he would likely be removed from the position of division head. He changed his attitude and started to say nice words toYu Ming. Yu Ming saw he had made some improvement, so he tentatively gave up the idea of reporting him. However, he raised three conditions: 1. Don't order practitioners to stand under the sun, and physically punish the practitioners. 2. Ni Zhenxiong must make an apology in front of all the practitioners in No. 2 Division-- put an apology in writing and read it in public. 3. Allow Dafa practitioners to read Master's articles. Under the strong righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners, Ni Zhenxiong finally became afraid. He accepted and immediately did everything according to Yu Ming's requests. (After Yu Ming left the No. 2 division, Ni changed back to his former approach and continued persecuting other practitioners.)

Since the violent attempts to force Yu Ming to give up his belief, in July or August of 2001, Yu Ming was transferred to Division No. 5. This division used soft tactics, promising Yu Ming that he could sleep normally at night and didn't need to stay up. Occasionally, they brought some good food to him, but he was not moved. A team leader, Yue, in No. 5 division had intentionally looked for trouble to upset Yu Ming, in order to used it as an excuse to send him to the concentration team. However Yu Ming saw through it and didn't give the police any reasons, causing them not to succeed. In November, Yu Ming was transferred to the general education team. In March 2002, he was sent to the West Building, the so-called "Intensive Assault Building" of the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp.

Near the end of his sentence term in June, the policemen started their routine persecution methods. This process is used if a practitioner still has not given up his belief near the end of his or her sentence term. The labor camp would put more policemen in action to tie him up, strip off his clothes, cover his eyes, stuff his mouth and use several electrical batons to repeatedly shock him for several days and nights. If the regular electric baton didn't produce enough effect, they would use the specially-made high-voltage electric baton, in an attempt to force the practitioner to renounce his or her belief under the terror. Dafa practitioners Wei Rutan, Zhao Ming, Wu Xiangwan all suffered from this vicious method. Yu Ming was also shocked simultaneously with several electric batons, but continued to stay determined. In the time between May and June, the authorities sent Yu Ming to the concentration team of Dispatch Section. He was punished by being forced to sit on a wooden board every day from six o'clock in the morning, until 12 at night and not allowed to move. Later, police used the excuse that Yu Ming dropped a few crumbs of a steamed bun, and coerced a few forced labor prisoners into making false statements that Yu Ming went on hunger strike for no reason. As a result of these fabrications, the authorities extended his term for ten months.

Currently, there is news from the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp that Yu Ming has either been sent to the Tiantanghe Legal Training Center (the office name for a forced brainwashing center) or to the division for juveniles in the Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp to be monitored. If this is the case, the persecution against Yu Ming is likely to become more severe.

Here we call on all kind people around the world and friends and relatives of Yu Ming to pay urgent attention to his current situation and to stop the persecution against him. We hope Dafa practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that manipulate the bad people and stop this evil persecution.

Assailants who have repeatedly shocked Yu Ming with electrical batons are

Li Aiming, the director of the Tuanhe Force Labor Camp
Liu Guoxi in No. 3 Division
Jiang Haiquan, education section chief
Guo Jinghe and Liu Bin, policemen.