Grandmother Li is a Falun Dafa practitioner. One day, I gave her some Dafa materials. When I saw her, she was sitting there looking rather downhearted. She told me that prior to beginning Falun Dafa practice, she frequently suffered from acute bronchitis, and that those symptoms had reappeared. She was unsure whether she could persevere through the tribulation, and even told her husband that in the event that she passed away, not to lose faith, but to persist with Dafa practice.

From what Granny Li said, she appeared to be very determined in her Dafa cultivation. However, I related my understanding, "By saying 'pass away', what do you mean by that? All practitioners will achieve consummation and follow the Teacher home! Fa rectification of the human world is coming soon, and Teacher has already told us that personal cultivation is no longer an issue. Therefore, your illness is not a karmic illness issue, but rather, it is demonic interference. Let's send righteous thoughts to get rid of the problem." Granny Li agreed, "You are right, let's do it!"

The moment she spoke, she started coughing terribly again. I immediately reprimanded, "Demon, how dare you! We will eliminate you completely!" I then began sending forth righteous thoughts.

A few minutes later, beaming with delight, Granny Li said, "I feel fine now. I am completely well again!"

The above is a typical example. I wrote it down as an experience to share with our fellow practitioners. In the course of the persecution of Dafa, a demon can manifest in many guises. Recently, many of these "karmic illnesses" have appeared among Dafa practitioners. We need to be sure to be careful and clear minded about how we regard these issues.

In fact, many practitioners have indeed recognized these "karmic illnesses" as interference by demons in other dimensions when they first appeared. However, when sending forth righteous-thoughts failed to get rid of them, the practitioners would have doubts. Hence, unwittingly, they become very weak. Personally, I feel that when our righteous thoughts are strong, the interference goes away quickly. On the other hand, if our righteous thoughts are weak, we need to continue to send righteous thoughts until the problems disappear completely. We must not be disappointed if we fail to get rid of the interference even after many attempts. Otherwise, we will lose faith and begin to doubt the power of righteous thoughts.

Dafa practitioners are getting closer each day to reaching consummation. In these last moments of truth, we must constantly use Dafa to evaluate and steer our thoughts back on the correct path, and let them go deep down into every layer of particles, from the largest to the tiniest.

The above are my personal thoughts to share with you all.