Zhang Jiuhai, a Dafa practitioner, was again abducted to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing on September 26, 2002. The police in Brigade No.5 sent Zhang to the intensive monitoring unit [where practitioners are even more severely persecuted], having charged him as a "dangerous person." They, together with the head of the intensive monitoring unit, tied Zhang onto a bed board for over 50 consecutive days. They humiliated him in various ways and deprived him of his clothes and personal sanitation items.

On October 25, 2002, Zhang Jiuhai started a hunger strike to protest the treatment he was receiving. The police in the intensive monitoring unit ignored his request and inhumanly tortured him, inserting tubes to force-feed him, making him extremely weak and causing him to bleed from the nose. In the middle of December, Zhang developed symptoms of kidney failure after a lack of proper care while on hunger strike. He was then sent to the emergency room of Tuanhe Hospital, while his captors attempted to deny responsibility for his condition.

On November 27, 2002, Dafa practitioner Li Jingsheng's forced-labor term was illegally extended for another 10 months because he insisted on practicing Falun Gong. He was forcibly abducted to the intensive monitoring unit. In order to protest the illegal extension, Li refused to wear the jail uniform and asked for the right to practice the Falun Gong exercises. In response, policeman Cheng Jianzhong shouted, "You can hunger strike and appeal in the police station. But, it won't work here!"

Li Chunyuan, a lecturer in the Central Folk University, refused to wear the labor camp uniform and kept appealing against the criminal acts carried out against Dafa practitioners in Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. His captors feared that he would disclose their evil actions to the world, so they tried to fabricate a medical checkup document stating that Li had a "mental disorder" so that he could be sent to a hospital for treatment. The City Forced Labor Bureau sent someone to investigate this matter.

At the end of the year, when the police are assigned positions for the following year, no one wanted to head up Brigade No.2, No.3 and No.5, where Falun Gong practitioners are persecuted. Nobody was willing to be the scapegoat. Meanwhile, many new police, especially those who directly graduated from college, were very disturbed by the severe physical and mental tortures used against Falun Gong practitioners. They said, "If I were assigned to the Falun Gong brigade, I would resign." Some of the new police revolted against their vicious colleagues who beat and retaliated against Dafa practitioners for their legal appeals. Some of them even told practitioners openly, "Sue them!"

The vicious persecution is now increasingly less popular than before.

In the middle of the night of December 20, dozens of Dafa practitioners in Brigade No.2 made a solemn demand to the police to stop the overnight persecution of the practitioners. Later, practitioners Liu Xingdu and Meng Fanyou were sent to the intensive monitoring unit and were submitted to even more brutal persecution. Liu Xingdu was a teacher in the School of Coal and Charcoal Technology. His term was illegally extended for 10 months past his original release date in September 2002.

Currently, atrocities such as physical punishment and sleep deprivation are happening daily in Brigade No.3. Every day, practitioner Wei Rutan and others are forced to run laps all morning. They are forced to squat-stand-squat (non-stop standing and squatting until one is completely exhausted and collapses), jump like frogs and walk in a squatting position. The police even drag thinly clothed practitioners outside onto the freezing snow covered grounds. Wang Sili and another practitioner in the Brigade No.3 are conducting a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Recently, many facts about the vicious persecution in Tuanhe Labor Camp have been exposed to the public. The vicious perpetrators shout, "We must block all information about Tuanhe from leaking out." However, there have been more and more appeals and protests in every brigade. This wave of appeals and its affect waking up others to the atrocities being committed in the camp has caused the head of the labor camp great fear. In response, the vicious police no longer make any false pretenses of friendliness or kindness, instead they are carrying out a campaign of so-called "intensive monitoring" in brigades No.2, No.3 and No.5 from December 28, 2002 to January 28, 2003.