(Clearwisdom.net) Yesterday my daughter and I went to a ballet performance. While watching the actors and actresses on stage, I realized that the path of our life arranged by the old forces is just like a play. The script and plot of the play have been written; the actions of the performers are predefined. The play of human life is no different. Nevertheless, the course taken by a performer can vary significantly. Will the performer take advantage of the play to express his unique ideas, or will he become totally engulfed by the play itself? Will the player distinguish himself in and out of the play and manage various roles both on and off stage? This will directly depend on the performer's own attainment level and skill plus his desire and aspiration.

Isn't this similar to the Dafa practitioners' behavior during the Fa-rectification period? The arrangement by the old forces is like the plot within a play. Although they have arranged every detail within the play, including every word we speak and every action we commit, yet when a specific scene of the play emerges, what kind of action we take is directly related to the foundation of our cultivation. Studying the Fa well, consistently sending forth righteous thoughts, and considering the issues from the basis of the entire Fa-rectification will ensure that issues are handled with righteous thoughts. Then we can distinguish the plot within the play from the roles Master arranges for the Fa-rectification practitioners.

Every encounter within our daily life and work activities is like an episode in the drama of our life. They could all be part of the arrangement aimed specifically at our attachments as Dafa practitioners. If we get entangled in such "plots," then our emotion could be stirred, resulting either in delight or displeasure. In other words, we get trapped in the old forces' arrangement and control, and no longer follow the path that should be taken by Dafa practitioners. Only by recognizing the plot within the play and taking an active role to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa with mighty righteous thoughts can Dafa practitioners avoid the path arranged by the old forces.

"Taking an active role to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa" sounds like a simple statement. However, this would be impossible to accomplish unless we genuinely seek from within and cultivate from within whenever we face conflicts. This indeed illustrates why the three things mentioned by Teacher ("Study the Fa well, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth") are so critically important.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.