In July 2001, I was still detained in a labor camp. One day, my brother-in-law came to visit me and told me that my daughter had gone alone to Beijing to safeguard the Fa. I was very shocked when I heard this. I felt ashamed of myself and worried in my heart for her. I felt ashamed that while a 15-year-old girl could go to Beijing to safeguard the Fa, a grown man like myself could not bear the evil beings' tortures and did something I should not do against Dafa. I worried whether my daughter could withstand the abuses she might face.

After more than one year I returned from the labor camp. After I asked her many times, she finally told me about her experience of going to Beijing. She said that she did not conduct herself well, but I think that she did very well. When I was detained in a labor camp, her mother was being monitored, and nobody was looking after her, one 15 year-old girl alone went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa, which is commendable.

My daughter began to practice Falun Gong in 1998. As early as the winter of 2000, she brought it up with me that she wanted to go to Beijing to safeguard the Fa. I did not agree. In mid-July, 2001, it was summer vacation for her school. My daughter brought up this issue with her mother. My wife could not make a decision about it. My fellow practitioners thought that the child was too young to go to Beijing by herself, and it would be too dangerous. They all urged my daughter not to go, but she insisted. On July 15, my daughter began to travel to Beijing to validate the Fa. On the afternoon of July 16, she went to Tiananmen Square. About 6 p.m., when there were a lot of people in the square, my daughter unfurled a banner. After a while, a group of police ran over and snatched away her banner, then dragged my daughter to a police van. She was sent to the Qianmen Police Station, where the police threatened my daughter in order to get her to tell them her name and address, but they failed. Finally, they deceived her into telling which province she was from. Then, my daughter was sent to the provincial agency in Beijing. Later, my company sent someone to Beijing to take her back.

They sent my daughter to the local police station, which later sent her to the Political Administration Section at the Public Security Sub-bureau. Over there, she was interrogated. Later on, my daughter enlightened to the fact that she should not cooperate with the evil so she refused to answer any questions. The police asked her to write a "guarantee" promising to stop practicing Falun Gong; otherwise, she would be sent to a detention center. My daughter remained unmoved. Finally, the head of the sub-bureau said: "Fine. Is there anything to ask a teenager? Take her back quickly!" Thus, my daughter came home. Later, because my daughter went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa, my wife's work unit deducted 1000 Yuan directly from her retirement wages.

When I was in the labor camp, one leader of my company visited me and said: "You and your wife driving a car to deliver Falun Dafa materials is the second case from around here of Falun Dafa practitioners appealing. Your family has become famous. This time, your daughter, only 15 years old, goes to Beijing by herself to safeguard the Fa, which has not happened before in this area. This has alerted the city's '610 Office' and the provincial '610 Office'."

Later, the news spread throughout the labor camp. A 15 year-old girl went alone to Beijing to validate the Fa. Many Dafa practitioners praised this ceaselessly when they heard the news, and it greatly inspired the Dafa practitioners inside labor camps.